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extra extraordinary

to most people, these may look like ordinary playing cards.

but they’re not  . . . 


and these things, they may not appear to be extraordinary either.  but they are.

all of these things are my treasures.  the cards belonged to my grandmother and she used them weekly for her bridge games.  she loved bridge.  she also loved to knit and sew.  the scissors were in her sewing kit.  you may be wondering about the white plastic item . . .  


it was gram’s rain bonnet!  

she always kept an emergency rain bonnet in her bag along with her wallet and a handkerchief.  although i don’t ever recall gram wearing perfume, her purse always  had a very distinct fragrance from the perfume she would dab onto the handkerchief inside her bag.  i loved that smell.  when gram died, i saved all of her purses and her wallet as well.  

i stored all of her purses inside of a suitcase that i would open on occasion just to smell the fragrance that reminded me of gram.  one day the fragrance was gone and  i was heartbroken.   but, as luck would have it, on the same day the fragrance disappeared, i was going through some of the things i had saved from her house and i found a fancy glass bottle.  it was wrapped up in newspaper, inside a box labeled “gram”.  i opened the bottle and smelled the inside. it was the fragrance she used on the hankies!  i only open it sparingly – maybe once a year or so.

in my treasure chest is this card which gram received from my grandfather exactly 78 years ago today on her 29th birthday.   september 29th, 1934.

on september 29th in 1905, the world became a better place.  i think of you & miss you every single day, gram – happy birthday.  i love you!

i love ryan thompson!

Talk about a marriage proposal that could have crashed and burned.

NY Post
Last February, a pilot took his girlfriend on a scenic tour in the skies above Chicago and faked an air emergency to get her to say “I do.”

The groom-to-be, Ryan Thompson, secretly filmed the faked death defying adventure in their small plane and posted the video online earlier this week.

The video contains no dialogue and instead uses a mixture of dramatic music and captions to describe the events.  At the beginning, the happy couple are seen smiling while Carlie Kennedy reads a yellow preflight checklist.

“I thought he was surprising me for Valentine’s Day,” Kennedy told ABC News. “It was a gorgeous day, as you can see in the video.”

But then the plane starts to shake and Kennedy’s face turns grave as she looks to Thompson for support.

“All of a sudden, I felt my stomach kind of go up in my throat and I realized we were heading straight for the water,” Kennedy said. “And then he [Thompson] said, ‘Honey, I need you to stay calm. The flight controls aren’t working.’”

He hands her a pink emergency checklist which she reads, still deathly serious.

“Unresponsive flight controls… ,” she begins before finally getting to the last instruction, “The checklist is complete and it says that the rings may be unengaged…and to initiate the ring engagement procedure.”

“Pilot in command. Determine if he is a good mate. Note: he will always love and honor you,” she continues, still somber as Thompson reaches into his pocket for the ring.

Finally she reads the question, “Will you marry me?” whereupon she stops, stunned, before coverings her face and bursting into laughter.

“Will you marry me?” he asks.

She said yes and the rest of the flight was smooth sailing.

“The course of true love never did run smooth.”
 ~ William Shakespeare

shopping in the city

would you like a mouse with that, sir?

“The best laid plans of mice and men are usually about equal”






iyanla vanzant’s definition of the word pain. pretty powerful!


“I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.”
 ~ Mother Theresa

G’mar Tov

an easy fast to all who observe.

A day set aside for fasting, depriving oneself of pleasures, and repenting from the sins of the previous year.

dizzy in the city

being sick in the city is never fun,  (this previous post explains it clearly) but for the last 3 days,  i’ve been dizzy.  being dizzy in the city is never fun either, but it is definitely worse to be dizzy when the general assembly is in session at the united nations.   although 1st avenue is closed to traffic most of the time, the cars, trucks, suv’s, fire engines, motorcycles, ambulances and hazmat vehicles are all equipped with ear piercing sirens.

(obama’s brigade)



why they feel the need to use the sirens when there is no other traffic and i am trying to be zen in the city,  is a mystery.   when there isn’t a dignitary and his / her entourage passing by with  sirens blaring,  you can clearly hear the sound from the helicopters that are swarming the city.  and even above the helicopters, i hear people protesting.

i totally respect their right to peacefully protest and i’m sure they don’t know how dizzy i am feeling and, i bet they are all very nice people who would tone it down a bit if they only knew –  but i cannot walk the 5 blocks down there right now & explain the whole thing to them.  i should have said something yesterday when i took the picture but i was pretty sure i would be feeling all better by today. . .

i like these people’s method of protest much better:

the falun gong people are very quiet protesters.  i have to admire their tenacity and patience to sit all day in silence with the all the screaming going on down there at the UN.

ivan doesn’t seem to be bothered by any of it. of course he’s presumably not dizzy – but  i think i’ll join him for a nap anyway.

“To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind.”
 ~ Buddha

“All the citizens of a state cannot be equally powerful, but they may be equally free” – Voltaire

“They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself”
 ~ Andy Warhol


when you do so much for so many,  you will never be forgotten.



happy birthday, sis.  we miss you.

“True religion is real living; living with all one’s soul, with all one’s goodness and righteousness.”
 ~ Albert Einstein

the streets of ny

“My one thought is to get out of New York, to experience something genuinely American.”
 ~ Henry Miller

occupying space

today marks the one year of the occupy movement.  because they’re such amazing photo opportunities, i’ve gone to several demonstrations during the past year.  first, the original occupy sit-in down near wall street just to see what everyone was talking about, and then i’ve run into several more in my travels around town.  the “protests” seem to be a gathering place for people with many differing agendas and not enough money to spend on a marketing campaign.  they’re like little trade shows where people set up small booths with flyers on various things like education, banking, corporate greed, accessibility for the disabled, art, and a lot of other stuff.  i hate to sound ignorant, but i still have no idea what the real point is  - in other words, the ultimate goal.

if the movement completed it’s mission successfully, how would i know?   i’m not  a marketing guru but,  if i spent a year sitting outside in the elements, eating donated food and wondering where my next shower would come from,  i’m damn sure i would find a marketing guru.

i wonder if they know that people don’t know?  i don’t know.  what i do know is that the protests make for great photo ops.






“I love the protests. And if you think about it, what better way to send a message to Wall Street than by sitting in a pup tent banging on a drum.”
– David Letterman