being present

two & a half years in the school of practical philosophy (which focuses mainly on the teachings of universal truths and present moment awareness), weekly meditations and dharma talks at the won buddhist temple and countless personal growth retreats, seminars and books have helped me to come a long way in my present moment awareness over the years.  admittedly i have  a long way to go before i join the likes of ram dass, pema chodron or the dalai lama. i have learned to listen more, and give closer attention to my thoughts and behaviors – as well as the thoughts and behaviors of those in my presence. i have noticed i screw up alot and find myself doing things which appear to be guided by little thought. i notice this about those around me as well. although i try not to judge, i notice that often i do –  i know i’m making progress when i do not attach myself to my judgements and can simply notice them and let them go quickly, and return to being present. i struggle with that this morning.

it is june 23rd. with the exception of june 1st, 6th, 16th and 19th it has rained.  so far this month we have had 8.35 inches of rain in the city. we are all sun deprived and water-logged. it is forecasted to rain today.

while i was out walking ivan this morning it was much darker than it should be at 7:00 am and the sky was thick with clouds. as i rounded the corner at 2nd avenue and 74th street i saw the doorman employed at the highrise building on that corner, hose in hand,  watering the outdoor plants.

i do believe he needs a seminar, a book, a wake up!  this i realize is none of my business.  i am sure it will come back to me tenfold today – i’ll probably walk into a pole or something.  i will continue to practice.


One of his students asked Buddha, “Are you the messiah?”
“No”, answered Buddha.
“Then are you a healer?”
“No”, Buddha replied.
“Then are you a teacher?” the student persisted.
“No, I am not a teacher.”
“Then what are you?” asked the student, exasperated.
“I am awake”, Buddha replied.

your thoughts?

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