how the sick get sicker

living right across the street from the ronald mcdonald house is wonderful.  i call it the healing house. local businesses, fire companies and neighbors put forth great effort to keep the children happy. the kids are often seen boarding buses headed to the circus, shows, fireworks and many other fun-for-kids places. businesses donate so many toys and games it’s a virtual wonderland inside the house. they have parties regularly and more often than not the children are carrying balloons and smiling. the folks at the ronald mcdonald house and surely all of the kid’s parents believe they are doing their very best to help their children heal. obviously they don’t understand the role nutrition plays in health. the neighboorhood restaurants very kindly donate food on a regular basis. the problem is the food is usually pasta, lasagna, rolls and more refined carbohydrates.

recently they had a walkathon fundraising event starting out at the rmdh. on the sidewalk were tables and tables of bagels, croissants, coffee cakes and breads for the house guests and the walkers. tonight as i walked by there was a van with two men unloading cases and cases of cheezits, cookies & cases of wonderbread. i didn’t even know they made wonderbread anymore. this food is toxic for healthy people!

to see children with cancer being fed this type of  ‘food’ makes me so sad. if you’re reading this, you’re probably aware that i run a non-profit organization whose mission is to diseminate information on the ill effects of carbohydrates in the diet. i work with many of the top researchers in the world concerning nutrition and the science is there – even though instinctively we already know that we should only consume only whole ‘real’ foods. society has convinced us that fruit roll-up are actually food! did you know that the ONLY source of nutrition for brain tumors are carbs? i’m certain if the parents of these children knew the damage being done by allowing their children to eat processed ‘foods’, they would be banned from the rmdh forever! they simply do not understand metabolism. they believe what they see on television and read in the paper. they do not realize the politics that are involved in creating the food pyramid;  the career climbers and lobby groups with very deep pockets and of course, the pharmaceutical giants, that have allowed a nation to be brainwashed into thinking that 6- 11 servings of pasta, bread and cereal is good for people with cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and so many other diseases.  if you too are unaware, please look at the research on my work site: metabolism society.

christmas party at the rmdh 2008

christmas party at the rmdh 2008

christmas party
christmas party

RMDH (92)










“to insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness and maintain
an interest in life.”
– william londen
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