very blessed

just when i think my life sucks, the universe sends me reminders of just how lucky & blessed i really am.
i will admit that i’ve been feeling pretty lousy about almost everything in my lfe lately.  i won’t supply the whole laundry list but my recent weight gain &  the weather have not helped to say the very least.  i had missed sunday morning meditation last week and i committed myself to go this week in an effort to cheer myself up. as i left my building, on the sidewalk, sitting right outside my front door was a man counting his empties. he was waiting for someone to come out of the building with a key to open the garbage pen for him so that he could collect the empty bottles and cans from the trash which was locked inside. as i was locating my key he explained to me that his parents wanted him to live with them forever so he stayed way too long which cost him the opportunity of living in a rent controlled apartment today. he had no home and collected bottles and cans to trade in for money for food. i opened the gate for him. he thanked me and said “god bless you.”

as i headed down york ave. towards 57th street, a man with only one working arm was lying down on the ground, tightly wedged between scaffolding and building.  he was yelling “help me! help me!”  i started to mentally plan out how i was going to be able un-wedge him and pull him out of the small space he was crammed into.   i stopped and asked  “what do you need?”   to which he replied,  “i need a soda!”  

 i felt lucky to be able to buy him one.

continuing down york i saw a woman in a wheelchair praying. she was hooked up to a tube which went into her nose and an iv running into her arm in front of sloane kettering hospital. i smiled at the woman and she gave me a beautiful smile in return.

today i feel very blessed.

” Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving”
WT Purkiser

your thoughts?

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