grand re-opening of maple king

maple king, an asian restaurant on 1st avenue between 73rd & 74th streets is ‘grand re-opening’  tonight.  in an apparent attempt to generate business they sent their men out to litter the sidewalks & lobbies with piles of maple king menus. tonight on my way out with ivan, i stopped in the vestibule and collected the menus scattered all over the floor, like i always do. except tonight i didn’t toss them in the garbage pen outside the front door. i kept them. i continued to collect all of the menus littered on the sidewalk & stuffed into doors all along 73rd street until i got to the end where maple king is located.  i ripped the menus so that they wouldn’t reuse them on another block.  i asked ivan to wait outside and went inside.  i slowly and deliberately tossed each of the menus throughout the restaurant as i calmly explained to the woman at the cash register that “these menus were tossed all over my lobby and 73rd street and i wanted to return them.”  

she looked at me in disbelief and with a heavy accent asked, “are you crazy?”

“no” I said.  “i just collect all the garbage people leave on my floor and on my block and give it back to them.
please don’t do it again.”   

“you are very strange,” said the woman, shaking her head as i left maple king.

 i won’t be dining there anytime soon.


“Whoever is unopposing among those who oppose,
    Peaceful among the armed,
Not clinging among those who cling,
    I call a brahmin.”
 – Dhammapada 406



your thoughts?

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