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thanks for the ride

on april 28th , 2002, the day after i landed in la, i bought my 1998 honda.  it had a manual 5 speed stick shift, manual door locks and manual roll down windows. that little car was very good to me and carried me all around the state of california, cross country, throughout nj, nyc & long island through 2 sales rep jobs and many trips inbetween – all without a problem. i still remember the day in 2006 when i made my last car payment and it was officially mine –  full of small nyc dents & dings with a back seat smothered in dog hair, but continued to get me everywhere i needed to go. it was a great little car and i can’t believe i’m actually going to miss it.

goodbye my honda

goodbye my honda

although my honda serves me well, i’ve been day dreaming about a new car for a couple of years now. maybe one with a sun roof and automatic windows. leather seats would be amazing as ivan’s hair could be easily cleaned and it would be an automatic, no more shifting from 1st to 2nd and back to 1st again through the holland tunnel –  and the best part of my fantasy car was the cd player.  
last week while walking down 1st ave near 75th street i was returning a call from my mom. as the phone was ringing, i noticed pop had sent me a lucky penny. mom answered the phone as i was bending down to pick up the penny. she told me she was thinking of getting a new car and wanted to know if i would like the acura she currently drives. i didn’t know who to thank first –  mom or pop?!  a shiny new black acura for me! with a sun roof, auto trans, power windows, leather seats & a cd player!! omg. . . i have so much to do now. motor vehicles, registration, transfer insurance and sell the honda asap.  i had no idea how to do that. i am told by everyone i must take the plates as soon as i hand over the title – but i can’t leave the car on the street with no plates. how does the person actually get the car home without plates? do i have to wait for them to do the whole dmv thing before i can get my new car registered? what if they’re not in as big of a rush as i am? what if they have a 9 – 5 job and cannot go to dmv before the weekend? it’s only wednesday! how does this work?  this is how it works:
at 3:00 post ad on craigslist.
3:05 ask mel to reiki my ad
3:10 receive word from mel that i and my ad have been reiki-ed
3:15 take call from potential buyer requesting more pix.
3:16 take call from potential buyer #2 and agree to be available to show car in 25 minutes.
3:4o show honda to jaun (pb #2).
3:41 accept jaun’s offer and accompany him to bank of ny where he withdraws cash.
4:00 sign over title, drive with jaun to my garage on 101st st. and remove plates.
by 4:15 it’s a done deal. jaun has agreed to get the car out of my garage by saturday morning at which time i can drive right in to my garage space with this:
the giver, the givee & the gift!

the giver, the givee & the gift!

thank you mom!! thank you, pop –  thank you mel –  thank you jaun! and thanks to dad too, because i bet it was his idea for mom to get a brand new car in the first place.

and many thanks to my reliable little honda that was always very good to me.


“Don’t pray when it rains if you don’t pray when the sun shines.”
 – Leroy Paige

14 today!

claire 1998

claire 1998




wishing you this kind of happiness every single day!
Happy Birthday 2008 004 (7)
“Hope your Birthday gently breezes into your life all the choicest of things and all that your heart holds dear. Have A Fun- Filled Day.”
 – anonymous

weather reviews

this weeks forecast:

august 21st - 25th

august 21st - 25th

the yelp website offers reviews on the nyc summer weather.  here are some of my favorites:
Dear Summer 2009,

As I write this letter, there’s a mighty thunderstorm roiling about. Looking back, you poured buckets of your tears on us, then you shined your obnoxious sunshine on us, and now you’re crying a river on us. Again. Oh, and don’t forget the hair-raising humidity.

Although, I must say– if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have:

a) seen the rainbow at CitiField when the Mets went against the Diamondbacks at the end of July and
b) seen the beautiful set of clouds that looked like they came from a Monet painting back in June when I was in Hell’s Kitchen.

This is the only reason why you get two stars, sucka.

With no love this time around,
(2 stars)

Hey You,

I thought it was me.
The reason why I don’t feel up to par and less happy.
The reason why I am so pale w/o tan.
The reason why I sweat like a pig.

But, it was you.
You have changed……. Where on earth is wrong with you?
I miss Summer of 69, even though I wasn’t even born.
Sorry, I couldn’t love you just the way you are and even started seeing someone else…………
His name is Fall, by the way.
Good Bye~~~

Loved you,

P.S. My cats told me the other day that it was also YOU why their litter box is smellier than usual.
(1 star)

Seriously…  What’s up with all the rain?
Chun L.
(1 star)
Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet. 
~Roger Miller

why do i wait for summer?

last night i had dinner at petaluma with lisa. we sat outside. i was so hot i feared i may spontaneously combust.

greatest marketing campaign

if you live in nyc, you can’t help but to notice that time warner cable & direct tv are in mad competition with each other. i think they’re the only two providers for tv in this town and they both want your business. direct tv’s latest marketing strategy is to let people know about all the sports events they will be missing if they subscribe to tw cable. even i  know this from the tv commercials and i only have the tv on for about 3 hours a week.  this week dtv did something brilliant – they placed a bright clean door mat in front of every doorway in the neighborhood! every single person on the upper east side sees this ad for direct tv every time they leave or enter the building – and all the way down the block! it could backfire on dtv since most women probably do not want their husbands watching more sports and will be sure to go with time warner. but i love our new doormat anyway.

our new door mat

our new door mat

way to be!

July 10, 1921 - August 11, 2009

July 10, 1921 - Aug 11, 2009


eunice kennedy shriver died today.

of course, i didn’t know eunice  – but anyone who grows up a middle child of 4 brothers and 4 sisters and emerges to accomplish all that she did has to be pretty wonderful. 

according to cnn,  “Shriver’s husband, R. Sargent Shriver,  and her five children  and their spouses  and all of her 19 grandchildren were with her when she died”.   i believe that says it all.



“She was the light of our lives, a mother, wife, grandmother, sister and aunt
who taught us by example and with passion what it means to live a faith-driven
life of love and service to others”
 – the Shriver family

ivan is 10 today!

happy birthday my love!
here he is at 6 months the day i brought ivan home:

ivan's first day

ivan's first day

we began the day by sleeping in very late. here he is at 9:15 am:

sleeping in late today

sleeping in late today

later, we will celebrate with cake!
birthday cake for ivan

birthday cake for ivan

“In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday”
 – ?


when i was little we had 2 phones in the house.  one in the kitchen, attached to the wall with a really long cord and another in the family room with a not so long cord.  you could walk around the whole kitchen while talking on the phone but mostly people just sat in the chair closest to the phone wall.  in the family room we sat in the chair which was right next to the phone.  my parents eventually put a phone in their bedroom and an additional one in the basement in dad’s office.  by the time we were teenagers we had phones all over the house as phones were added to each of the 5 bedrooms.  there were no ‘answering machines’ so you never knew when you missed a call.  it also meant as a kid, you could get in a lot of trouble for staying on the phone too long because someone else may be expecting a call. You could get in even more trouble for forgetting to relay a message.   there was no call waiting so the phrase “beeping in” did not exist.

i remember in college we had one phone in our dorm room that we rented from the phone company and shared with 3 people.  getting together the money for a deposit was a big deal and if you wanted a specific color or sleek style, it cost extra.  we would have to return the phone to the phone company at the end of each semester.  3 people shared the phone in our dorm room and of course we would have to talk in front of whoever was in the room at the time because the phone was attached to a short cord. long cords may have cost extra too – i don’t recall – but given our dorm room dimensions,  it would hardly be worth the investment.

last night i called my brother  thomas.  he was perusing the smith & hawkin liquidation sale but was able to answer the phone while he was shopping.  about 20 minutes later he asked me to hold on for a moment while he placed his take-out order in a chinese restaurant.  he then drove home, and at some point during our conversation he ate his dinner.  he walked the dog through his neighborhood in westfield, checked something i wanted him to see on the computer in the den and the ended up sitting comfortably in his favorite chair in his living room all set to watch some reader’s digest special on tv.   he probably could have just watched the program on his iphone . . . .


being someone

laura ling and euna lee, the 2 journalists sentenced to 12 years of hard labor in north korea were rescued and returned yesterday –  by bill clinton.  i couldn’t help but well up a bit when laura ling described how she was taken from the labor camp into a room that she had not been before (very scary) only to see president bill clinton standing there – what a moment!  almost makes it worth the 140 days of imprisonment . . .

according to the ny post,  “A key player in Clinton’s high-flying diplomatic mission to rescue Laura Ling and Euna Lee was entertainment mogul Steve Bing, a longtime “Friend of Bill” who lent the ex-president his private Boeing 737.

The multimillionaire mogul paid about $200,000 in fuel and other costs that came with the trans-Pacific flight.”

how does one get to do this kind of stuff?  i want to make a difference like that.  i want to rescue someone. or, at least be the person who offers my boeing 737 and $200,000 worth of gas for the ex-president to do it.  i haven’t even experienced my 15 minutes of fame yet and i want so much more.

i  don’t necessarily have to be president, or rescue someone, i would be content just being on tv everyday like katie curic.  i often wonder how she does it . . . especially when she did the today show and had to leave for work every morning by 4:30 am, all while raising her children alone, maintaining a home in the city, a house in the hamptons, attending fundraisers with fabulous men every night of the week while simutaneously writing a book.   where does one find the time?  i’m only trying to end the diabetes & obesity epidemic in this country and barely have the time to walk ivan 4 times a day.   i must adjust my schedule.  change begins today.


“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”

i may be claustrophobic


either my apartment is shrinking or i’m developing a mild case of claustrophobia – but since my apartment is too small to actually shrink, it must be me.  i don’t even know what i own any more.  my things have either been feng shui-ed, packed up and stored at my parents or stowed away 7 feet up in my closet, under the couch or beneath the bed.  today i almost bought a book i already own.  i saw the book at the used book store in the basement of the public library on york ave.  about 5 minutes of my time was spent staring at the book while i decided whether it was worth pulling everything out of my closet to locate the one i already owned or just spend the two bucks on a new used one.  being that i have approximately 50 books i have yet to read, i decided to save the money.

i cannot locate my pendulum, my gumby or any clothes that fit me.  on the  upside,   it’s like christmas every time i go under the bed or through the closet.


“We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”
 – Frederick Keonig

happy birthday, sara!

today sara turns 6.  there will be a build-a-bear party at 4:30. we had a pre-birthday party at my place on saturday and i gave her a breathing pug.  her neighbors had 2 pugs that she loved –  one named jack, the other, rose.  she named her new pug  ‘jack & rose.’

sara and jack & rose

sara and jack & rose


” The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. ”
 – Oprah Winfrey