worst week

dec 1, 2009 –   worst morning ever.

7:00 –  over slept one hour. it’s raining.  mouse-boy is back only now he is no longer a baby and not nearly as cute as he was in the beginning of the summer.  he is currently in my closet.  i saw evidence of him recently so fresh cab natural mouse repellent has been ordered and should arrive any day now.

9:00 –  move car to meter put use 6 quarters to buy one hour of parking. 
9:45 –  go out to move car back to 73rd street meter is blinking “failed”.  there was $65 ticket for ‘expired’ meter on my car. i got in the car decided to go back to 73rd street and sit in the car until 10:30 when it is legal to park. there was not a spot anywhere on 73rd street. after circling the block 4 times I ended up back at a meter on 1st avenue. I fed the new meter another 6 quarters and then realized I did not have my  house keys and I had locked myself out. i rang every buzzer in the building and got in.  i went back an hour later to try parking on 73rd street again – still no spots.  After all of that i drove to harlem & parked the car in my garage. I walked home crying for all 30 blocks – thinking about all the reasons I have to be sad.  i am one month behind in getting paid.  the fact that i am 47 & living paycheck to paycheck is disturbing beyond explanation. that’s a long story that I will spare repeating right now – suffice it to say my bills are due now.

i got back home at 12:30, have yet to start work & it’s time to go to 61st street for my volunteer senior exercise class. 

it’s now 4:00 & there has been a jackhammer working on the roof of the garage 40 feet away since about 8:00 am.  i have a very upset stomach.

dec. 2, 2009 – decide i must close out a retirement account containing $4,500 at chase bank in order to pay my rent, amex, health insurance, phone, parking & cable bills & $65 parking ticket. the fine is $154.00 the tax penalty $430. it cost me $584.00 for NOT getting paid. i have broken out in fever blisters on my lip, gained 5lbs, and cannot concentrate on anything except my financial situation & the fact i have to move to a less expensive place. to add insult to injury, the 20 something year old banker at chase asked me “for tax penalty purposes”,  if i was under 59 1/2 years old.  i held back the tears until i got outside of the bank.

‘fresh cab’ natural mouse repellent arrived in the mail. it says to use one sachet for every 300 square feet. i will use 4 in my 350 square foot apartment just in case.  i have placed one in the stove, one behind the kitchen microwave cart, one in the closet and one at the living room window which i believe he uses as the entrance into my apartment.  jack hammer is still going strong.  it’s raining again.

dec 3, 2009 – woke up to mouse poop all over the kitchen counter.

preparation for important conference call tomorrow started at 8:00. i’ve never done this before so I ask richard to do a ‘test call’ with me at 9:15. richard agreed and said we should invite gene who is a professor of clinical nuclear medicine at albert einstein college of medicine. i can only imagine gene has more important things to do but he agreed to be a part of my test.  I got the conference call account set up with a company I have never heard of and scheduled the test call for 9:15. email invitations are automatically sent out by the conference call company and everyone invited to the call gets a call in number and an access code.  at 9:15  i called and couldn’t get in. i hung up and dialed again. this time it worked. i  could hear gene and richard talking. and then I heard ellice.  i had no idea why ellice was on my conference call and i’m quite sure richard and gene were just as puzzled.  as it turns out, ellice had no idea why she was on the call either.  she had simply responded to an invitation she received.  tomorrow i be will be more careful and double check the invite list.  all day i’ve been having visions of my mother chatting it up with the chairman of the nutrition department at harvard university.

9:30 – made the decision to go to the gym.  i told richard where i would be in case he was looking for me. he agreed it would be a good idea and told me to “be careful”.

i took a newly washed pair of workout pants to wear from the closet only to discover that they were completely ruined just like the 9 pair I have already thrown away in the last 6 months. 

ruined pants #10


on a lighter note. . . while on my way to buy mouse traps i saw thong man running up 1st avenue.  he was wearing black fishnet stockings, a solid black thong leotard and of course, sneakers.

“Our attitude will determine our stress.”
Catherine Pulsifer



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