on my way from pranamandir yoga studio on w. 43rd street to mckenzie childs on  57th, i decided to stop by rockefeller center to see the tree. i headed up fifth avenue at around 4:30.  at about 45th street, it became so crowded people were forced to use the street as additional sidewalk space, blocking off 1 entire lane to traffic on both sides of 5th avenue. at the intersections of 5th and 49th through 52nd  as usual at christmas time, there were cops & barricades on every corner to hold the crowd back in front of rockefeller center. this meant that all of the people using the street space had to merge onto the sidewalk.  it was so crowded that in a 2 block span, i was hardly able to move.  when the light changed and it was time for the pedistrians to cross, there were too many people to allow any movement and i found myself at a virtual stand-still just like gridlock at the holland tunnel.  it took 2 changes of the light and lots of cops yelling just to cross over 49th street.  i was not the only person who began to panic and it got a little bit scary – especially for parents of small children. it took me about 20 minutes to cross 49th street and then cross over 5th avenue at 49th and duck into sak’s for air. 

although i was on the very same block of the rock center tree, i never even got a glimpse!




“The crowd makes the ballgame.”
 – Ty Cobb

your thoughts?

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