get your veges!


health food

health food



excellent source of vegetables


when i first saw this i was at a loss for words.  the more i obsessed on it, many questions came to mind.  most importantly, who is the boss of the ‘marketing genius’  who allowed this product to come to market  and, has he / she been fired yet?    if not, why?   also,  does the management of pepperidge farms seriously think there are human beings on this planet who may honestly consider goldfish a vegetable source?    is it possible that even one person may fall for this insanity?    lastly, and most importantly, when pepperidge farms management  conceptualized this new food item, why didn’t they just go all out and  tout all the nutritional benefits of the actual fish?  rather than simply promoting goldfish as  a  ‘baked’ (translation – healthy!),  ‘natural’  (translation – healthy!) vegetable source (translation – healthy!),  why didn’t they add  just a drop of  dehydrated fish scale  to the recipe  and  make it a good source of protein and omegas 3 & 6 too?   that way it could be a complete meal.

maybe i could get a job in the pepperidge farms marketing department.  they’ll pay me good money and i’ll  make a television commercial for my sea & garden cheddar goldfish.  there will be a family of four sitting at the dinner table.  the mom and dad will have  plates with  salmon, broccoli  and salad.  the children will be eating  sea & garden cheddar goldfish, a good source of vegetables, protein and omega 3 fish oil!  everybody will be happy and smiling.

i’m updating my resume.


“Insanity is the only sane reaction to an insane society.”
Thomas Szas

2 responses to “get your veges!

  1. I am all over this! Saves me from cutting up a salad!


  2. Wow. Wonders never cease. And yet people buy them and feed them to small children!


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