thong man sighting 68th & 1st

spring is on it’s way and thong man is back!  the temperature reached 60 degrees today but i still think thong man had to be a little chilly.  his outfit consisted of a very short leopard print, spaghetti strap slip with a low cut v neck and nude panty hose.  i spotted him posing for people in a doorway to an unmanned building on 1st avenue at 68th street.

i love nyc.


“Happiness is an expression of the soul in considered actions.”



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5 responses to “thong man sighting 68th & 1st

  1. in nyc city its not the budding daffodils or the smell of april showers that signal spring’s arrival – its thong man running through traffic in a vampy negligee.
    love it here


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  3. Laurie, I would’ve posted this on the Thanksgiving Thong Man (just because I like the way he packaged his giblets!) but couldn’t find a comment thingy. His thingy, on the other hand, was easily identifiable, but I digress. I nominated you for The Reality Blogger Award. Your blog is wonderful on so many levels, and I just wanted to show my appreciation. Here’s the short link:


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