travelling is fun.

11:45 service picked me up – the driver was texting or reading texts the entire way.  he answered the first text in the middle of a sentence.  he was  answering a question i had asked him. the driver never finished his answer.  he probably forgot he was even speaking when interrupted by the text.  that’s what  o.c.d.  texters do.

3:00  we were asked to deplane the jet that was scheduled to leave jfk for seattle at 2:06.  

somewhere around 3:30 we were told that our new plane would be leaving from a gate on the opposite side of the airport.

4:30  just prior to take off the flight attendant ripped the earring out of my ear while demonstrating how to inflate the life vest.  a collective gasp followed from fellow passengers.

6:00  the televisions in the exit rows finally caught a signal – an hour into the movie. everyone else was watching either  sherlock homes or avatar.  i decided to tune into a criminal minds episode i had already seen which turned out to be a good choice because ½ way through the show the tv went blank again – but i already knew how the episode ends. 

for 6 hours i sat in my chair as it moved through the sky at 496 miles an hour & arrived in seattle safe and sound.  all is well.


“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.”
 Lao Tzu

your thoughts?

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