google alert!

i get way too many google alerts – mostly for work stuff but every once in a while i get a google alert bearing my name and it’s always a fun surprise. this is from a blogger who i will coincidentally meet for the first time at a meeting scheduled for 1:00 today!  she practices calorie restriction for health & anti aging purposes and met my boss rdf, several months ago at a conference and has been working with him and blogging about him ever since.

“So I met this biochemist who does research on low carb diets, and I started working on some projects with him and then he introduced me to his best friend who is a nuclear medicine guy but who also does a ton of research on low carb and they’ve written a bunch of papers together, including this one about how a calorie isn’t just a calorie and then Dr. Fine asked me to work on this paper that he’s working on so here I am. He’s really the brains,
I’m just finding the papers, but I love PubMed searching so it works out and I need to refine my skills.”
. . . . . (more, but i will go directly to the important part which mentions my name)  🙂

I definitely left more prepared to be a useful research assistant to Drs Feinman and Fine (a title that I assure you I just made up for myself… they have no idea that I have ordained myself their research assistant and there’s nothing they can do about it is there? They are neither paying me nor feeding me, so I can in no way be considered an employee, so they can’t fire me! Ha! I love job security!) I actually feel like I know what I’m doing now on the mystery project, which is great cause I’m going to actually meet Dr. Fine in less than two weeks at the May 8 Nutrition and Metabolism Society meeting and I’d like to have *something* to show for my efforts on the project by then other than confusing emails with badly phrased technical questions and a general willingness to pick him up from jail should the need arise.

I actually think Feinman is the one likely to get thrown in jail, if he doesn’t have either me or GNFN around to tone him down. Or Laurie. Laurie is the real brains behind the N&M Society and does a tremendous amount of work to make everything happen. And she keeps RDF out of jail, for which I think we should all be grateful.

[For those of you who lack a sense of humor, I am joking about Feinman being thrown in jail. While he can be sharp in his wit when it comes to ripping apart the lipophobes, I assure you that he is nothing but collegial and professional. But you’d have to admit, the mental image of a bunch of medical researchers getting into a fight is entertaining. Even more so if you’ve actually met RDF at a conference, as opposed to picking him up from jail.]

Of course the next morning it was back to my “real” life, meeting nurses at 7 at the hospital, but visions of medical studies are dancing in my head at all times, and I assure you, they are not of the high carb sugar plum.


did you see this part?

Laurie is the real brains behind the N&M Society and does a tremendous amount of work to make everything happen. And she keeps RDF out of jail, for which I think we should all be grateful.

ha!  good way to start the day. . .

check out april’s cr diary blog for good information and entertainment.


“One should respect public opinion insofar as is necessary to avoid starvation and keep out of prison, but anything that goes beyond this is voluntary submission to an unnecessary tyranny.”
 Bertrand Russell

your thoughts?

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