mad crazy busy

i’ve been so busy lately that yesterday i actually ate my lunch in the shower.  that was a first.  i would not recommend it and i will try my best never to do it again.  i am already concerned about carving out time for necessary activities like meditation, eating and showering tomorrow.

it’s already 10 minutes till 8:00 pm and left on tonight’s agenda: dinner, pick out all of the paint colors for new place, review 3 bids received from painters today, figure out how i will pay painters, unpack 5 boxes of stuff i stored away after feb. 27th meeting was cancelled due to blizzard & sort and organize the stuff before 8 more boxes get delivered tomorrow morning, write speech for saturday’s big nms meeting, read some of the 77 new e-mails in my in-box, meditate and go to bed.

and the answer to your question is, i don’t know why i’m taking the time to write this.


“Anything that helps you maintain unruffled equanimity is right action.”
 Sri Sathya Sai Baba

2 responses to “mad crazy busy

  1. James Glover

    i’m too busy to read this and i just read the whole thing….
    hahah – back to tweeting


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