meeting over

for months now my time has been pretty much consumed with taking care of the details for my work meeting that finally took place on saturday.  i thought i would feel relieved but it seems that the follow-up is just as labor intensive.  so rather than write about it, i will direct you to april’s cr diary.   april tells the story better than i may have and she happens to be very funny.  i should warn you that because april is really the consummate professional, she left out most of the gory details including an accurate description of the actual on stage, hypoglycemic, near – death experience of the world’s foremost authority on diabetes, whom i had invited to be the guest lecturer on  –    you guessed it,  diabetes.

Chris Jimmy Adele April RDF

here is april along with some of the characters from her story.   link to april’s diary


“Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.”
Raymond Lindquist

your thoughts?

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