coffee for 2

it’s 6:00 am.  as i do most mornings i made my decadent morning coffee using frothed french vanilla coconut milk creamer topped off with a sprinkle of palm sugar and headed outside with my laptop where i am greeted my little bumble bee friend. she hangs out with me and circles my coffee cup while i check out the headlines from the post. i usually have to shoo her away from the rim of my cup several times just to take a sip. when i am finished or, the coffee gets cold – whichever comes first, she goes in the cup and feasts on the  froth lightly covered in palm sugar that remains on the inside surface of the cup.

this morning she must have been particularly hungry. as soon as i put the steaming cup on the table she landed on the rim. countless efforts to shoo her away failed – she wanted the coffee and today she was not going to wait her turn. rather than to get angry, i went inside to prepare some french vanilla coconut milk creamer topped off with a sprinkle of palm sugar in a small dish so that my bumble bee friend could enjoy her breakfast while i enjoyed my coffee.  i was imagining her delight when i arrived back on the deck with her breakfast and was surprised not to find her on the rim of my coffee cup.  i walked around the deck with the small dish i had prepared and looked for my little friend with no luck. i decided to place the dish next to my coffee cup, go back to the post online and wait for her return.  you can imagine the horror i felt when i reached for my coffee and found 4 legs sticking straight up from the froth!  my poor bumble drowned in hot coffee with french vanilla coconut milk creamer and palm sugar right in my cup.   poor bumble.  😦

i sure hope this is not a sign of how the rest of my day will unfold.


“If a man doesn’t find something to die for he probably hasn’t anything to live for.”
– unknown

your thoughts?

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