i really do like to scan the headlines of the ny post every morning – i just can’t help myself.  at least one ‘must read’ story captures my attention each day and today’s front page article may just be my all time favorite.  here are the highlights (along with my comments)

He’d be his own best friend.  (love!)

A Pittsburgh man who’s a self-described “furry” is on his hind legs awaiting a judge’s decision on whether he can legally change his name to Boomer the Dog. (furries? i had no idea.)

Gary Guy Mathews, 44, has been dressing up as Boomer for most of his adult life, and is expecting to find out in the next few days whether a judge will grant the name change that Mathews has pondered for years, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported yesterday.

Backing up his bid are friends — including one named Hobnose Bordercollie — who say they already call him Boomer the Dog. (“hi, this is my bff, hobnose bordercollie”)

Furries are people who are fans of animals with human characteristics — and who enjoy dressing up as them.  who knew?

Mathews, a single, unemployed (how shocking!) computer technician, said he was inspired by a short-lived NBC show called “Here’s Boomer

Mathews has since become a fixture on the furry convention scene(!), even posting on YouTube a video of himself in his shredded-paper terrier outfit during the 2007 Midwest Furfest. (i am wondering if  nyc has a furfest and if so, will put on calendar asap)

Dr. Samuel Conway, CEO of the Anthrocon furry convention in Pittsburgh, told the paper, “I wish Mr. the Dog luck in his pursuit, with the earnest hope that he has chosen a career path for which such a monicker would be of benefit.” (note; “Dr.”)
if you would like more information – or just confirmation that this is true, here is boomer at the 2007 furfest:


for complete story, including picture of gary / boomer, click ny post

“Share our similarities, celebrate our differences.”
– M. Scott Peck

3 responses to “boomer

  1. Over a year later and still no name.. I filed an appeal to the judge’s decision early this year, but it was denied. I’m going to appeal or try again.



  2. Hi, Boomer!!!! Is that really you??


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