criminal possession of stolen poultry!


This birdbrained bandit took turkey stuffing to a whole new level. Brooklyn teen was caught on video shoving a 12-pound turkey breast into his baggy sweatpants . . . As for the turkey, it went right back on the shelf. . . Marte insisted the $84 worth of Boar’s Head Oven Gold “was in good condition” . . . .

It’s not the first time he used his pants to stash a five-finger discount, sources said.

Williams was arrested on Aug. 5 after trying to smuggle seven cans of Red Bull out of a bodega on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, authorities said.

read:  Nov. 5 2010


i would like to be reporter for the ny post.  i can imagine sitting at my desk when the call comes in –  “hurry! breaking story in bed-stuy – – get over to marcus garvey boulevard asap – poultry in pants!”

“i’m on it!” i would reply.  then i would hang up the phone, spin around and grab my jacket off the back of my chair like they do on tv and head out to the scene.  that has to be a fun job!

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“Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.”
– Oscar Wilde

your thoughts?

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