mommy marge

we called my mom’s mother ‘mommy marge’.  she was way to hip to call grandma.  she had it going on til the very end – taking yoga classes, meeting her friends at the beach everyday in the summer and travelling.  she lived in ct.  we would visit her several times a year when she lived at 33 spruce street – the house where my mom grew up, and once in a while she would come to nj and stay with us for a couple of days. by the time i got to college she had moved into a little house in fairfield, just 2 blocks down from the beach.  all of my friends knew mommy marge and they all loved her. my college friends & i would invade her orderly little home for weekend get-aways at the beach. she loved the company and had no problem letting us come & go as we pleased. she never cared how many people i brought to crash at her house and she seemed to love them all. she had a special affection for debbie who was my college roommate. i remember once returning to my apartment in hartford to find debbie on the phone with my grandmother. . . just chatting.  my friends and i knew all of her friends at the beach; maude & barbara especially. after the beach we would hang out with her in the living room and take turns showering for a night out.  she loved it when we took her out to dinner with us. as she got ready for bed, we would head out to the sea grape or some other college type bar. there was no curfew and she always looked forward to the stories of our escapades the next morning.  i miss those days and i miss mommy marge.


here she is in the 1960’s with my uncle and grandfather.  i loved that dress. she bought it for my uncle’s wedding and it hangs in my closet today.  here i am 30+ years later wearing the dress.


mommy marge was born on december 27th.  the year is still a mystery.

happy birthday, mommy marge!


“Most women set out to try to change a man, and when they have changed him they don’t like him.”
– Marlene Dietrich
(also born on december 27th – 1901)

One response to “mommy marge

  1. happyy b day! you look like her!


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