mega millions


in my efforts to make extra double sure i was not the winner of last weeks 335 million dollar jackpot, i was roaming around the mega millions website and came across  a section called

What It Can Buy

and i found the following information based on a $12 million jackpot:


  • Attend 13,407 weeks of endless summer surf camp near San Diego.
  • Purchase one 5 bedroom, 8 bath 6,000 square foot home in Beverly Hills.


  • Pan for gold 2 million times in Dahlonega, Ga., home of the first U.S. gold rush
  • Take a “Midnight Train to Georgia” and visit the Georgia Music Hall of Fame with 1.5 million friends
  • Be peachy keen with 9.3 million pounds of world-famous sweet Georgia peaches


  • Approximately 2.4 million steamed crabs
  • 300,000 club-level tickets to Baltimore Orioles games
  • 1.5 million water taxi rides in the Baltimore Harbor


  • Take more than 4.3 million rides on the world famous Swan Boats in Boston’s Public Garden.
  • Enjoy more than 2 million bowls of clam chowder at Legal Sea Foods.


  • 1.9 million pounds of Mackinac Island fudge
  • More than 1.8 million square inches of Hell, Michigan (you can actually buy property in Hell – $6.66 per square inch!)
  • Six-day cruises on Lake Michigan for 7,000 people

New Jersey

  • An education at Princeton University for you and 363 of your closest friends
  • 545,454 of the two-pound tins of assorted Fralinger’s World Famous Salt Water Taffy
  • 4.8 million pounds of cranberries

New York

  • Chow down on 4,363,636 Nathan’s famous hot dogs at Coney Island in New York
  • Buy one prime season ticket for the New York Yankees and another for the New York Mets for each of the next 1,374 baseball seasons.


  • Tuition, room and board for 753 students to attend the university founded by Thomas Jefferson, the University of Virginia
  • Lay $1 bills end-to-end from one end of Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel to the other almost 66 times
  • 923,077 admissions to George Washington’s home in Mount Vernon, Virginia


it’s nice to know the folks at the lottery commission have a sense of humor although it would have been even nicer if i had just won the $335 million.


“Hope never abandons you; you abandon it”
– George Weinberg

your thoughts?

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