world mysteries

there are so many mysteries yet to be solved in the world.  i’m not referring to the big mysteries like infinity, or a koan –  the kind of things that if you think about long enough either your brain will explode or you will achieve enlightenment,  just regular mysteries.   the everyday kind,  like why dogs attack vacuum cleaners, why someone would choose to be a gynecologist or why you never see baby squirrels.   specifically,  the mysteries i am currently pondering are:

1. how do birds sleep in a blizzard? and do they ever really sleep at all?

2. why do  i become a creative genius only when i am driving?  i think of great stories to write, awesomely fun things to do, hugely successful websites to create, unique ideas to raise funds for my nonprofit organization & amazing business plans for charities which will serve the poor and disabled.  the ideas are so good & i don’t pull the car over to write them down or act on them immediately because i know there is no way i will forget  –  –  until i stop driving  – –  it happens every time.

3. why don’t i take action to correct the mystery above?

4. how is it that some people in the customer service business get to collect a paycheck each week when they are rude to the customers and do not know the meaning of the word service?


“The more I read, the more I meditate; and the more I acquire, the more I am enabled to affirm that I know nothing”
–  Voltaire


photo by april

2 responses to “world mysteries

  1. Cags-

    birds sleep with their heads under their wings to protect themselves from the elements, i do the same thing while i am in spin class, get a tape recorder, and their bosses are always on a break so they dont hear how bad their employees are.


  2. ask & you shall receive! isn’t it great how the universe works that way?
    thanks, dale!


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