2010 Dietary Guidelines Hugely Disappointing

The 2010Dietary Guidelines were released today and it looks like they are recommending more of the same.  We can now look forward to an even larger increase in the epidemics of both obesity and T2 diabetes. This is truly disappointing news for the scientists who have been working so hard to be heard regarding the research they have done on the benefits of reducing carbohydrates in the diet.   I’m not an activist of any kind  but I believe in FREEDOM OF INFORMATION.

Because of the enormous blunder the USDA has made in recommending a diet that has proven to cause harm for the last 30 years, they don’t know how to back pedal.  When they first began recommending low fat, high carb diets they believed it to truly be a good thing.  It wasn’t long before the nation became fatter and sicker.  So they recommended even lower fat and higher carb.  The nation continued to get fatter & sicker to epidemic proportions.  Years ago, the USDA was informed by scientists of their mistake. They shunned the evidence. They are largely funded by manufacturers of processed foods and pharmaceutical companies which prosper from the epidemics of obesity and diabetes.

For the last 30 + years people have been reducing fat and increasing carbohydrates per the USDA Dietary Guidelines. In those 30 years the American public has been getting sicker and fatter and the number of people with T2 diabetes has skyrocketed. PEOPLE ARE DYING UNECESSARILY. Science has proven that it’s not the fat, but the carbohydrtates that are the culprit, yet the USDA continues to ignore this evidence.

In the words of Dr. Richard Feinman, Biochemistry Professor and teacher of  nutrition to medical school students at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, “The deleterious effects of fat have only been measured in the presence of high carbohydrate.  A high fat diet in the presence of high carbohydrate is different than a high fat diet in the presence of low carbohydrate.”

What this means is that all of  the scientific research that suggests fat is detrimental has been done using high carbohydrate diets. When fat is increased and carbs are low, the results are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

Markers of metabolic syndrome, CVD and diabetes IMPROVE on a carb restricted, much higher fat diet.

Please share this video made by Jimmy Moore:


and then take a look at www.nmsociety.org to see the evidence for yourself. Much of the research is posted there.

If you care to help make this information known to the public, forward this post to your friends and consider joining the Nutrition & Metabolism Society.  It’s only $10 and your support is needed.


“To say that obesity is caused by merely consuming too many calories is like saying that the only cause of the American Revolution was the Boston Tea Party.”
– Adelle Davis

2 responses to “2010 Dietary Guidelines Hugely Disappointing

  1. How Shocking!! The Quaker Oats Company, a division of PepsiCo, supports the updated Dietary Guidelines recommendations on the importance of whole grains and fiber in the diet issued today by the Departments of Agriculture (USDA) and Health and Human Services (HHS). The Dietary Guidelines state, “consume at least half of all grains as whole grains.”
    Media Statement on 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans — CHICAGO, Jan. 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ —
    Media Statement on 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.


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