consciousness vs. profits

USDA Says Yes to Genetically Engineered Sugarbeets—Kiss “Organic” Goodbye!

Processors say there aren’t enough non-GE sugarbeet seeds around for farmers to plant this spring. A study conducted for the sugar industry predicted that US sugar production would plunge 20% if the judge’s ban stays in place, and it appears this study alarmed food companies enough that they were able the pressure USDA into acting now.

this is crazy on so many levels. . . .

first, is there anyone in this country who truly believes there is a danger of a shortage of sugar in this country?

“The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports that the average American consumes anywhere between 150 to 170 pounds of simple sugars, also known as refined sugars (this includes glucose, fructose, and sucrose) or simple carbohydrates, in one year!

You may be thinking, “I do not consume that much.” Well, it is also said that for every American who eats only 5 pounds of sugar each year, there is one who eats about 295 pounds per year. … Less than 100 years ago, the average intake of sugar was only about 4 pounds per person per year.

… To break it down even more, eating 150-170 pounds of sugar in one year is also equivalent to consuming 1/4 to 1/2 pounds of sugar each day. Don’t think consuming this amount of sugar is easy to achieve?”  read this

secondly, if you’re not familiar with monsanto, you should be.  a brief explanation:  monsanto is a company that became enormously successful and powerful by genetically engineering our food seeds – that is, pumping them full of pesticides – then they patented the seeds. they are currently in the process of patenting animals as well.

but here is the important part – when their seeds contaminate other farmers fields, which is very often  (birds carry seeds as does wind and rain), monsanto’s genetically engineered plants sprout up uninvited.  now the other farmer is unwillingly growing genetically engineered foods and contaminating his crops with plants full of pesticide.  this renders all organic crops now, non-organic – which is destructive on it’s own accord – but to add insult to injury, MONSANTO THEN SUES THE FARMERS FOR PATENT INFRINGEMENT BECAUSE HIS PATENTED CHEMICAL FILLED SEEDS ARE GROWING ON THEIR LAND!

because the law is law, judges have no choice but to agree that the farmers are raising patented crops and force farmers into destroying their fields, collapsing their business in the process.  soon monsanto will OWN most produce (and working on the animals) in this country – oh, & these seeds made their way to the other continents as well.  soon you will have no choice but to eat the pesticide.

monsantos products include  Agent Orange,  PCBsDDT, recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) and Aspartame.

in 2010, company sales were 10.5 billion dollars and monsanto has 27,600 employees.

if you care to know more, read this or you can find it on wikipedia.

if you care about this, please sign this.



“I’m outraged that a genetically engineered alfalfa will contaminate the South Dakota alfalfa seed that has been developed over generations. Bees pollinate alfalfa, and we know that bees can forage for miles. The introduction of genetically engineered alfalfa practically guarantees that there will be no genetically engineered-free seed in a matter of a few years.”

“There’s a pattern that is noxious and toxic to the traditional American way of life. This is not good for American people. You’re losing food safety and property rights simultaneously. And the beneficiaries of this are not human beings with a conscious. They’re corporate boardroom financial reports.”
– Pat Trask

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