happy happy joy joy

oh the joys of finding an apartment in the city.   “happy, happy, joy, joy”  that will be my new mantra for the next couple of weeks no matter what anybody says to me.

i haven’t yet viewed an available apartment – mostly because all the advertised apartments are just illusions.  out of the hundreds of apartments i see on craigslist and various other sites, only several actually exist.  the others are already rented despite the advertisement that is 10 minutes old.  but generally the person i call in response to the ad has “many others” they can show me.  so why don’t they advertise those instead?  also, since when is 124th street  considered ‘the upper east side’?    happy, happy, joy, joy. . .

in an effort to remain calm i have to decided to e-mail rather than call these peeps.  i made a list of requirements for the apartment i am looking for and asked that they contact me if they have a listing that meets all the criteria.  here are 2 of the responses i’ve received so far:

this e-mail was sent on wednesday to a person named jim who advertised a 1 bedroom on craigslist:

$1630 / 1br – 76th/Lex
Can I see this apartment Thurs. after 3:30 sometime?



on thursday, jim responded:

I’m sorry I,m jammes up. We will be showing tomorrow around 12-2. Are u available?

i did not respond.  on friday,  jim suffered an apparent memory loss and responded to my initial e-mail again:

Yes, please call me to confirm.

i wrote back this time:

I meant Thursday as in yesterday.


jim’s reply:

ok, IO can meet you in the morning before 12 to view. Sorry for that.

i went back to my first e-mail to jim which included the link to the apartment he advertised on craigslist to see if it was really worth having to deal with him and the page said that the ad had been “removed by the author”.  so i e-mailed jim:

The posting is gone from Craigslist – Was the apt. rented?


in response, jim wrote:

Still available. People get robbed & killed on craigslist.com. We hate it, it should be shut down. U r too young.


here is another exchange with an agent who advertised on craigslist:

Is this a walk-up building?  If so, what floor?

I’m looking to move in March.  This is what I’m looking for:
No Fee, 1st or 2nd Floor or elevator , Dogs allowed, Queen sized  Bedroom,  Good Light,  Cable ready,  Heat / Hot water  included,  2 closet  minimum,  Laundry in building,  Below 100th St,  500 + sq. feet,  $1700 max

Please let me know if you have anything I can see that fits. If so, would you e-mail me & let me know?

Thank you,

from Sam<shlomico7@hotmail.com>
to laurie@xxxxx
date Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 11:08 AM
subject RE: Apartment wanted 🙂
ha me to


“happy, happy, joy, joy.”
– cags


2 responses to “happy happy joy joy

  1. That is why I left NYC over 15 years ago….settled for a quiet acre in PA….
    Too old and too tired to contend with bringing in da noise and the funk…

    spread the humor: charlywalker.wordpress.com


  2. i hear you, charly – but i do love ny!
    & the suburbs (where i have been for 8 months) is no place for a single person!


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