spring time

spring sprung 2 days ago.   apparently no one noticed.

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Rain / Snow Showers Late Rain / Snow Rain / Snow
Cloudy Rain / Snow Showers Late Rain / Snow Rain / Snow
42°F 33° 39° 32°
Feels Like: 37° Low High Low


the good news is, i finally found a broker who thinks it may be possible to find an apartment for under $1900 a month and it’s only going to cost me 15%  ($3,450)  of the annual rent for her to do so.   i was so excited i asked my boss for the day off tomorrow  so that she could show me some places and then maybe i could finally get a good nights sleep (albeit upping my rent budget to something unfordable if i want to keep my car in the city).

the broker called this eve and suggested that due to the forcasted “wintery mix” we should postphone schlepping around the city until thursday.   sure,  she already has a place to live . . .  and a car.


“Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose.
– Tom Krause

One response to “spring time

  1. $1900 a month. Wow. I pay less than $1500 a month on a fifteen year mortgage on a three story house.

    Of course, I live just outside Philly!


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