cell phone rings.

me: hi, can i call you right back on my land line?

df: sure

me:  run to kitchen to get glasses in order to see number to dial back. though df was returning my call of 5 minutes prior i did not retain the number i had just called.

cannot find glasses albeit i know there are at least 8 pair in apartment.

check every room.

run back to kitchen and resort to large magnifying glass i keep for emergency purposes.  look at number on cell phone.

run to office to get land line.

run back to kitchen to look at number on cell phone again.

a good 5 minutes later i call back and say, – – well, i can’t remember what i said,  but it was something along the lines of hating not being able to see without glasses and apparently having lost all brain cells in charge of the memory department.

(she knew what i really meant was i am so sorry for taking so dam long to get my shit together just to dial the phone.)

df: i know.  i can’t stand having to use glasses.  can’t read a thing anymore without them.

me: i have 8 pair and i can’t find one.

df: i know – i can’t find them unless i keep them on top of my head.

me: and then they get all caught up in your hair.

df: sometimes i hang them on the front of my shirt.  then when i bend over they fall off.

me: yeah – then you really have a hard time finding them when you need them  –  running all over the place looking for your glasses and who thinks to look on the floor?

df: i know.

who would think we were this old?


thank god for good friends.


“a good friend is a connection to life- a tie to the past,a road to the future,the key to sanity in a totally insane world.”
– Lois Wyse

your thoughts?

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