thong – less man!

one thing i miss about no longer living on e. 73rd street are the occasional thong man sightings  ( you can find them here, here, and here ).  if he ever wanders down into the 50’s i don’t know, but i have not spotted him once since i moved to e. 52nd street.  i like thong man.

it’s no surprise that you’ll find things are a bit more risque down in the village when compared to the ues – and this weekend while wandering around downtown, i discovered this man out doing a little shopping in his negligee.



“It is astonishing what a lot of odd minutes one can catch during the day, if one really sets about it”
 Dinah Maria Mulock 



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6 responses to “thong – less man!

  1. nice of him to bend over just in time for you pic….


  2. i gave him your card, james.


  3. That is awesome. Awesome!


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