to save or to spend

thank god for the post to give us a heads up on this one.

NYC rationing toilet paper
at Coney Island

Hey buddy, can you spare a square?
The city is so hard up for cash that it’s rationing toilet paper in women’s public restrooms — to the point where bathroom attendants are doling out a few measly squares per patron — along the world-famous Coney Island boardwalk.

The Post witnessed stone-faced Parks Department employees leave toilet-paper dispensers empty last week and instead force astonished female beachgoers to form “ration lines” in the bathrooms.

Regina Ballone, 25, of Brooklyn visited a boardwalk bathroom at West 16th Street Wednesday and was “grossed out” at the thought of someone else handling her toilet paper  . . .  Beachgoers also have been forced to line up for their paltry allotment of the city’s cheap, single-ply toilet paper at the boardwalk’s other women’s restroom at Stillwell Avenue  . . . .  Toilet-paper rationing isn’t an issue in the men’s rooms — but only because they apparently don’t have any to ration. The toilet paper was gone whenever a The Post reporter went to inspect the men’s rooms.

here’s the proof from the post : 

coincidentally, just this weekend i took the subway downtown. when i got to the 53rd street station i noticed the brand new blue turnstiles telling all who enter to “quit smoking today”  & that we should all  call 1-866-ny-quits.

i immediately wondered how much the city must have spent to tell every subway rider to quit smoking today and call 1-866-ny-quits.  i couldn’t help to believe that had to be a colossal waste of money.  can you just imagine even one person passing through the turnstile and then thinking, “quit smoking?  oh man, what a good idea!”



bloomberg doesn’t like salt either.  the wsj ran a story once titled,

Smack Is Bad, But the Crackdown Is on Salt.

the article stated, “This week the city unveiled what it is modestly calling the National Salt Reduction Initiative.”

who knew we had a national salt reduction initiative?  clearly we can do a better job of advertising this issue before any more people die of  bloat – or whatever it is they believe salt is doing to us.

maybe someone could suggest to the mayor that he could get that slogan printed on rolls of toilet paper.  it would be a win -win – win situation.  the city bathrooms could have proper supplies for the people, drug addicts would stop using smak and new yorkers would be less puffy.


“I don’t necessarily agree with everything I say.”
 Marshall McLuhan

3 responses to “to save or to spend

  1. They were rationing toilet paper in Chinese public toilets when I first moved there in 1999. They still are. Ditto on Thailand and Vietnam. Carry some with you, always.


  2. And YES, this post IS a public service. NYC should pay you for it. 🙂


  3. I’ll forward this post to the mayors office & see if he takes notice – I will keep you posted, Michael!
    Thanks for reading.


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