strange for a monday

it’s tax time.  that may seem strange for a monday in july – but not for me or for nms. this morning i spoke with the accountant who does my taxes, the business taxes and my boss’s taxes – we both agreed it was time to wrap up the tax thing for 2010. . . . his name is henry & he’s the coolest accountant on the planet. i can’t remember a time that i spoke with henry & he didn’t question why i wasn’t married – and then follow up with some advice on what i should be doing to meet mr. right.  before ending our phone conversation today, henry said,  “you need to start going outside every day for lunch.  spend at least 1 hour outside – everyday  – and you will meet someone.”

i decided to take henry’s  advice and took a walk around 12:30.  on 50th street an indian man with a curious hat came walking towards me.  his headdress was something like a cross between a turban and a tall white chef’s hat.  i had never seen anything quite like it before.  as he passed me he slowed his pace, looked me in the eye and said  “you have a very lucky face.”

it was very hot out today &  when i arrived home i changed out of my jeans and into a new pair of shorts.  there was something in the front pocket of my shorts.  i wondered what it could be since i had never worn the shorts before.  it felt like a rock but i couldn’t be sure because i couldn’t get to it.   i took the shorts off and took a closer look.  the rock was sewn into the pocket lining.  i was curious to know why there was a rock sewn into the pocket lining of my new shorts and i also wanted it gone.   i hated to have to cut open the fabric to remove the rock but saw no other option.

here are my new shorts inside out with the hole i had to cut to remove the rock:


here is the rock:



i wonder if these types of things happen to others.


“When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.”
Peace Pilgrim

2 responses to “strange for a monday

  1. Thanks for tanikg the time to post. It’s lifted the level of debate


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