being 9

earlier this month my 9 year old niece came in from the burbs for a sleepover in the city.   she brought 2 outfits just in case i wanted  her to stay an extra night.  on our way home from the zoo in cp she asked how long the walk was going to be back to my ‘hotel’.

at the time the mega millions lottery was 160 million dollars.  i asked her what she would do if she won 160 million dollars.  she told me she would get her ears pierced and buy a chocolate lab.

i slept on the couch and gave her the bed.  on sunday morning i felt a presence hovering over my face.  i opened my eyes to find her eyeballs aproximatley two inches from mine.   “what time is it?”  i said.

it’s 6:48 can we go out to breakfast?


“The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention.”
 Richard Moss 

2 responses to “being 9

  1. Is she eating pizza for breakfast?


your thoughts?

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