“everybody has a hero in ’em”


“Never go through life saying you should have.” 

– Vincent Ardolino
Captain, Amberjack V


2 responses to ““everybody has a hero in ’em”

  1. I saw this movie for the first time ever, today Aug 22, 2012. It was an amazing story. Thank you to all the people who rose to the occasion, who were there able to take action when action was needed. I watched in disbelief, in prayer, in compassion, with love and with heartfelt grief and utter shock. There is a special place for you all inside the pearly gates, however that looks for you. Many many blessings, Linda W, New Germany, Nova Scotia, Canada


    • pretty amazing, i agree. along with all the suffering was the most outstanding display of ‘human citizenship’ i’ve ever witnessed. love was overflowing at every turn in this city and it was quite remarkable.


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