worst job in america – and beyond

i used to think being a toll booth collector had to be the worst job in the universe; standing inside a small booth sniffing exhaust fumes all day long. that was before i saw the guy riding in the mini  two foot wide cart on the side rails of the holland tunnel.   can you even imagine being jammed into a cart narrower than your shoulders and riding the side rails through all the car exhaust inside of the holland tunnel everyday?

but which would be worse – being the tunnel cart driver or sitting in a port-a-potty with windows all day long?   seriously – there’s a job like that.

on the corner of 51st and 2nd avenue there is a vacant lot where building construction has been halted for at least 3 years due to a fatal accident involving a crane and 7 deaths.  you can read about it here.   apparently this empty lot now must be guarded.  since it’s just an empty lot, there was no ‘office’ space for a guard, no lunch room, water fountain or even a rest room. the sidewalk outside of the empty lot is covered by scaffolding and is home to a port-a-potty with windows!   all day long and throughout the night, in that port-a-potty sits a guard.



i have a number of unanswered questions about this situation.  i’ve listed them along with additional commentary here.*

“ I’ve learned that making a “living” is not the same thing as making a life.”
 – Maya Angelou

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