town unconscious

the headlines reads “Town Under Siege” in the ny post today, but i may have called it “Town Unconscious.”

in zanesville ohio someone  opened the animal cages & outside gate at a wild animal preserve, so naturally the animals took advantage of the opportunity and went out to explore the town.   many of the village people freaked out when they saw the lions, tigers and bears wandering about doing nothing more than one might expect –   having a little lunch & checking out the scenery.

so the town official’s response was to form an army and go on a killing spree.  one would assume that when there is a wildlife preserve in town, there are also tranquilizing guns around somewhere, right?    was killing the only option they could think of?

from the post:  “Officers armed with assault rifles patrolled Zanesville Wednesday morning, a day after police killed dozens of animals that escaped from a wild-animal preserve, and where the owner’s body later was found.” . . .
“Close to 30 of the 48 animals were shot and killed on Tuesday.”

“Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace.”
 Albert Schweitzer


your thoughts?

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