best gift for the holidays this year!

3 reasons why you will want to give someone a cleaned up beautifully framed photo of  great grandma (or yourself)  this year:

1.  so that i can pay my rent

2. because 10% of sales will go to help my niece walk  (Strides for Sara)

3. your friends and family will shower you with praise for you thoughtfulness

remember the last time someone snapped a great photo of you but there wasn’t much you could do with it because your ex had his arm around you?   or,  maybe you were standing right in front of the entrance to planned parenthood & it just didn’t make for a picture you want to display on the piano?   maybe everything was perfect save the giant pimple you sported that particular day.  .   .  you can remove them –  and give your favorite picture the exposure it deserves!  or, give your portrait as a gift to mom & dad.   

when was the last time you hauled out the old slide projector?   if you would ever like to see those slides again, consider having them scanned and put onto a cd, dvd,  a slide show or a photo book.  (more info).

save the family!!  got faded or damaged pix of great grandma?  keep your ancestors alive for future generations –  restore the photos for those who will no doubt appreciate your thoughtfulness.

(see more restorations here.)

just some suggestions to make you a gift giving hero – and if you’re not giving out gifts this year, please forward this to the happy people you know.  🙂


your thoughts?

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