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it’s been 4 months now since i’ve had a job & the downgrade has begun.  i no longer have a 3G data plan for my ipad which is very sad because without wireless, what’s the point, really?  the upside is that when i can put a data plan back on, it will be like christmas all over again!

today i moved my car from the garage in my building to an outside lot on 117th street and lexington ave.  this will no doubt save me a lot of money on gas since i will probably only venture to harlem to retrieve my car in emergency situations and i am not planning on having any emergencies – so that too is good news.

i have very high hopes for february.


“I do much better as a goddess, she said, since my secretarial skills have always been limited”

man, know thyself!

“How are you?”
“Perfect, thank you. I’m traveling incognito.”
“Oh? As what are you disguised?”
“I am disguised as myself.”
“Don’t be silly. That’s no disguise. That’s what you are.”
“On the contrary, it must be a very good disguise, for I see it has fooled you completely.”
– Nasrudin

crystal icon

that horrifying moment . . .

these are just too funny not to share!



“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”
 – Albert Einstein 

happy birthday neighbor!

wishing you a year filled with health, happiness, love & abundance!

sick in the city

15 days ago i posted my big plans for 2012.  you may be thinking that the reason i’ve only written once since then is because i’ve been too busy fulfilling my dreams.   the truth is i’ve been sick pretty much every single day since christmas.     i’m on the verge of losing my mind and an finding it extremely challenging to be zen in the city.

the end.


“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life. It goes on.”
 Robert Frost

blessings to the Badger family & friends

At today’s funeral I witnessed the strongest woman in the world speak. She asked that we keep her children’s memories alive through love. Loving acts of kindness. She reminded us that ‘love’ without service is not enough. Please support the Badger family and keep Lily, Sarah & Grace alive in your heart by providing loving acts of service each & every day.  Peace to all.
On the day when
The weight deadens
On your shoulders
And you stumble,
May the clay dance
To balance you.
And when your eyes
Freeze behind
The gray window
And the ghost of loss
Gets into you,
May a flock of colors,
Indigo, red, green
And azure blue,
Come to awaken in you
A meadow of delight.
When the canvas frays
In the curragh of thought
And a stain of ocean
Blackens beneath you,
May there come across the waters
A path of yellow moonlight
To bring you safely home.
May the nourishment of the earth be yours,
May the clarity of light be yours,
May the fluency of the ocean be yours,
May the protection of the ancestors be yours,
And so may a slow
Wind work these words
Of love around you,
An invisible cloak
To mind your life.
                                                         –   John O’ Donohue

quick! what are you waiting for?

you better hurry – the sales department is now open for ONE57, the high rise being built  at 157 west 57th street!  according to the new york observer,

“The constant one-upmanship that has come to define New York’s luxury real estate market has reached new heights. After the record-breaking sale at 15CPW, Extell developers price hiked their penthouse at One57, The Journal reports, raising the price from $98 million to an astonishing $110 million.

if you are interested, i suggest contacting them immediately before the next price increase – and if you do, would you please contact me asap and tell me what on this earth could possibly constitute a $110 million price tag?  specifically, i would like to know what the place offers that a $50,000,000.00 home doesn’t have.

thank you.


“Inflamed by greed, incensed by hate, confused by delusion, overcome by them, obsessed by mind, a man chooses for his own affliction, for others’ affliction, for the affliction of both and experiences pain and grief”
 – Buddha 

my big plans for 2012

the commitments i have made for myself this year are quite lofty.  at least compared to my current state of affairs.  they include, but are not limited to;

1. get a purposeful job.  2. complete my digital design & photography program at nyu.  3.  get published in at least 1 major media outlet  4. obtain & maintain perfect health  5. excel in my practice of yoga  6. finish my book and,  7. get married to a perfect man.   each day i commit to do one thing, no matter how small, in the direction of achieving these seven dreams.

begin today.  here’s the plan:

get up at 5:30,  walk ivan,  be back outside shooting pictures of the city at dawn on the morning after new year’s celebrations throughout town.   return home around 9:00 for some yoga & meditation, shower, review photos, write  and then meet susan & josh for brunch at 1:30.   after brunch, return home and get my new photo blog (myzennyc) up & running.  check out the job boards & think about re-joining

the reality:

get up at 6:00, walk ivan.  it’s pitch dark out.  get 1/2 way down e. 52nd street when a mexican man enroute to his job at the pizzeria on 1st avenue stopped me.  conversation:

man:  happy new year

me:  happy new year

man: can i ask you a question?

me: no

man:  there’s a girl at the end of the block who needs help.  she is very drunk and doesn’t know where she lives.  i tried to help her,  but i’m drunk too.  plus i’m on my way to my job at the pizzeria around the corner and i can’t be late – can you help her?

me: ok, i will check on her & please don’t come any closer because my dog could bite you.

when the man left, ivan & i continued to the end of the block where we did indeed see a woman weaving more than i’ve seen someone weave since college. she was tall blonde & beautiful, dressed in a black dress & strappy sandals, pretending to be reading something on her cell phone in the pitch dark.  she was crying so much her face was completely wet with tears.  i asked if i could help.

very drunkenly (yes, i made that word up) she said her name was sandy & explained that she lived in brooklyn.  the only key to her home was in a man’s apartment on east 53rd street and he was not answering her calls.  she told me that she had no place to go and was really tired.  she left out the part about being extremely intoxicated. 

although i had no idea at that moment how i could help this woman, i couldn’t leave her alone out on the sidewalk in the dark, in her condition, while other people as drunk as she were wandering the streets looking for their next party.  i had visions of her picture on the front page of tomorrow’s ny post under the headline “turtle bay horror! new year’s day murderer flees, dumps body in east river“.   oy.  i needed time to think.  i told sandy to walk to the end of the block and wait for me there.   i would walk ivan around the block and arrive back at my building in approximately the same amount of time it would take her to stumble down to corner of 1st avenue.  as it turned out she beat me there and was waiting for me in the lobby of my building.  the brainstorm i had on my walk, was to call her ‘friend’ from the lobby phone with hopes he would answer the call if he saw it was not coming from her number.   i was able to get the name & number of the man who had her keys from her cell phone.  she told me the guy’s name was david.  i called david and discovered a glitch in my plan – i was wrong – he did not answer.  what to do now?  she had taken a seat on the couch in the lobby and was mumbling incoherently to herself.  i noticed she had not called david by name and didn’t refer to him as her boyfriend either.  i was not exactly certain of the relationship here but i knew i needed to get her keys back from this guy, whoever he is, because my neighbors would be waking up soon and i needed her out of the lobby before anyone saw her.  

the doorman on duty was new.  his name is daniel.  not only was it daniel’s first day on the job, but he began his shift at  7:00am  the morning before.   he has no doorman experience,  did not have a clue how to handle the situation and was so tired he could barely keep his eyes open.  he appeared to be a bit unnerved by the strange mumbling woman who had taken up residence on the lobby couch. we both just watched her for a while and discussed our options.  according to my plan for today, i should have been outside with my camera right now and i could very well have been missing the shot that could launch my career. afer about 15 mnutes or so,  i told daniel to watch sandy while i ran over to the building where david resided to see if david’s doorman could run up to david’s apartment and get sandy’s keys for me.

310 east 53rd street is a very posh building.  when i arrived, the outside doorman referred me to the inside doorman – who referred me to the building concierge. i explained the situation to the concierge. the concierge informed me that he was familiar with sandy.  apparently she had been trying to get into david’s apartment since 3:00 am – and that “there have been other incidents with her in the past.”  after a bit of subtle begging, he did buzz david’s apartment for me and david did not answer.  i may have pushed the envelope when i asked him to knock on david’s door but the image of sandy meeting my building neighbors forced the question out of my mouth. the concierge refused. 

i tried to think of a plan b but nothing came to mind.  when i arrived back at my building it was just about 7:00 am and in the lobby was joe, a building resident  whom i know.   (joe refers to me as ‘cat woman’ due to what he perceives as my stealth ability to prowl around the scene to get the story for my unpaid job as building reporter for the east 52nd street website.)  “well, cat woman, who’s your friend?”

i semi-smiled and looked over towards sandy on the couch.  she was out like a light.  

it wasn’t long before francesca emerged from the elevator with her two dogs max & dottie.  i was explaining the story to francasca & joe when daniel’s brother and cousin walked in the front door to pick him up and take him home after his 24 hour shift.   joe, francesca, daniel, his relatives and i stood in the middle of the lobby talking about options for sandy’s removal as she slept on the couch and drooled on her sleeve.

by 7:20 or so, daniel and his relatives cared about nothing other going home. whoever was supposed to relieve daniel after his 24 hour shift had not arrived and he was understandably agitated.  francesca left to walk max and dottie and joe went out for some coffee.  daniel looked to me for advice on what he should do about leaving without a relief doorman and an intoxicated stranger passed out on the couch.  the temporary replacement super we have running the asylum was not answering his phone.  i had no ideas to offer daniel and decided to take a stroll over to the 17th precinct to see if maybe the cops could get by the concierge in david’s deluxe pad, knock on the door and get the keys so sandy could go home and i could get on with my plans for the day. when the cops told me they couldn’t do that,  i walked slowly back to east 52nd street trying to think of a plan c.  as i got closer to home i wondered how many tenants i would have to answer to this time.  but – as my 2012 & beyond – good luck would have it, besides sandy who was pretty much unconscious, the lobby was empty. daniel & his relatives had gone home leaving the lobby unmanned.  stepping quickly and lightly like cat woman,  i passed by sleeping beauty, pounced into the elevator and disappeared.

the end.



“There are no mistakes, save one: the failure to learn from a mistake.”
 Robert Fripp