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i hate to brag but . . . i have the best dog on the planet.  he’s lived with me since he was just 4 months old and has never done anything wrong in 12 years.  ever.  until tonight.

i rarely cook for myself but  tonight i was craving a piece of salmon. i made some really awesome lightly salted coconut rice to go with my salmon and i have to say it looked pretty amazing. i had just sat down to eat when the doorbell rang.  my neighbors needed assistance at the elevator which is just outside my front door.  i returned to my apartment about 45 seconds later, this is what i found:

i didn’t even know how to respond.  we just stared at each other until i laughed.

he is my biggest love.

“If you don’t like something change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.”
Maya Angelou


‎”The shadow is the greatest teacher for how to come to the light.”
♥ Ram Dass

i’m really hoping he’s right on this . . .

walking time

walking through the city can take your mind off anything.  you can do a walking meditation and become invisible to the people passing by, tuning out all of the traffic and noise or you can walk up the avenue with an intention to connect with people – depending on what you need at the time.  after sitting at the computer for several hours, sometimes i want a little conversation or mental stimulation and just get up and walk out.  there’s always something going on, someone to talk with or something to do without having to make specific plans.

i just did that and ran into a neighbor who was on his way up to 68th street to buy some pound cake at rite aid.  i took the walk with him and learned quite a bit.  i learned that pound cake at rite aid is half the price it is at shop rite (not that i plan on ever really needing that information, but you never know when those types of fun facts will come in handy. . .). i learned that he is married to a paranoid schizophrenic and pays $156.00 a month rent to live on the corner of 1st avenue and 50th street.  he has a one bedroom apartment and pays almost $2,000 less a month than i pay for a studio just 2 blocks away. although he has no stove and i do.  i found out that he’s 68 years old and plays the lottery regularly. he used to be a doorman but now walks dogs in the neighborhood for a living so he can stay close to home in case his wife has an attack.  she calls him every 10 minutes or so to tell him that someone is trying to break into their home.  he can usually talk her down over the phone but sometimes he has to rush home to assure her that she’s safe.  she called 3 times on our walk to rite aid.

i’m back home now and feeling grateful.  i love this town.

“Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing.”
Wayne Dyer

you must laugh

there are 3 things that make me laugh no matter what.

the first i cannot provide for your listening pleasure because it’s jeffrey’s answering machine message and i probably shouldn’t post his number on my blog so that you can call & listen to it.

if you don’t laugh at these 2 commercials, maybe you are an alien.

alien icon


“It’s hard to believe anything I say, she told me, because I was there & I have a vested interest in being right.
~ storypeople 

3 day mission

there are 3 days left until my birthday. the start of a brand new year.  since i didn’t keep any of my new year’s promises, i decided to do it a little differently this time.  over the next 3 days i will give away 50 things, list 50 things in my life i am grateful for, give 50 sincere compliments and meditate for 50 minutes each day.  i’ll keep track of it all and post it in 3 days –  here is the start of the list of things for which i am grateful:

my wonderful parents   the peeps in the front row & the rest of the family!
boo-bear,  being born in america, living in the city & my car.  that’s five – 45 more coming up – but first i’m going to take ivan out for a spin around the block & dole out some compliments!

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.”
 ~ Steve Jobs 


my new favorite holiday!

these are my neighbors, dan & jayne.  dan & jayne live down at the end of the hall

with their two kids zen & coco.  (they have human kids too but when they left the nest, dan & jayne packed up, said goodbye to queens and headed into the city. from what i can tell, they’ve been having a blast ever since.

         this is  zen  chillin on the couch   &   this is coco just being coco-licious.

last night dan and jayne we’re on their way out with two other fun people when i captured this shot in the hallway while they waited for the elevator to arrive:

i only had a few seconds to grab my camera before the door to the elevator opened and they all rushed in as jayne  yelled, “we gotta go – we’re really late!”  “going where?” i asked, as the door was closing.  “purim . . . “

i ran into jayne, zen and coco this afternoon strolling along 52nd street.  i asked jayne about last night and she said it was great and made the decision to continue to celebrate purim for the next couple of days or so.   as she told me about  the purim party, she mentioned something about having to drink so much – “you know, until you can’t tell the difference” and waved her hand in an ‘on & on’ gesture.    hmmm . . .

i was not raised jewish, but i thought i knew more about judaism than the average bear (the average goyum bear, that is).  i went to a school that was predominately jewish (out of the 800 people in my freshman year dorm complex, 798 were jewish – dagmar stadlebauer and i were not.)  i spent nearly every  jewish holiday with my roomate’s family, throughout college and many years after.  i memorized the candle blessing prayer for hannukah and the mourners kadddish!  i still celebrate the jewish holidays.  i have spent many hannukahs, yom kippors and passovers with the enzers.  i’m not sure i even know anyone in the city who isn’t jewish.  sometimes i think  i’m practically jewish myself – how could i not know about purim?  i mean, i knew about purim, but i never knew anyone who actually celebrated it  and i had no idea it involved bride costumes and heavy drinking.

when i got home, i read everything i could find (that is a gross exaggeration)  on purim.  you can read about it here but the short version is this:

first you go to temple &  listen to the book of esther, which happens to be a very good as well as entertaining story,  you send food to people in need, give to charity, dress up in costume, eat a festive meal and drink plenty of alcohol.

how did this holiday get past me all of these years?

here’s the best part – according to the jewish virtual library, “We are also commanded to eat, drink and be merry. According to the Talmud, a person is required to drink until he cannot tell the difference between “cursed be Haman” and “blessed be Mordecai,” though opinions differ as to exactly how drunk that is.”

i have exactly one year to get my yiddish up to speed and lose enough weight to fit into a really hot costume so that i can be someone else for one night while drinking as much as i can so that i can no longer tell the difference between haman & mordecai – and i can’t wait.

“If you want your dreams to come true, don’t sleep.”
~ Yiddish Proverb


did you know. . .

in high school, anthony robbins, who is 6’7″ tall, was just 5 feet & 1 inch tall.  he has a pituitary tumor that secreted massive growth hormones which is the reason for his current size.  his brother is 5 feet 4 inches tall.

love him!

have you noticed that the mona lisa has no eyebrows?

manhattan is the only borough without a ‘main street’.  there really isn’t any room for  one.  wouldn’t it be funny if they changed 5th avenue to main street?

the only real person to be a pez head was betsy ross.
maybe they could use some help in the marketing department?

 the holland tunnel is a designated national historic landmark.
they must have run out of ideas for things to classify.  and i should probably go to bed now.

“Fun is good.”
~ Dr. Seuss


i just came across this list i want to share.  it’s from the watkins, mind body spirit site.  i like lists.  

The lists of lists of people, just keep going and going. However, the Watkins Review believes that an important list has been long overdue, and we are delighted to share with you our list of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People. Lists of influential people contribute to the discourse and issues that each person represents, and the Watkins Review hopes that our list will nurture the debates surrounding contemporary spirituality.

There are several factors that were taken into account when compiling the list. Listed below are the main three:
1) The person has to be alive
2) The person has to have made a unique and spiritual contribution on a global scale
3) The person is frequently googled, appears in Nielsen Data, and highlighted in throughout the blogosphere
It’s interesting to think about the amount of times that a person is googled; in a sense, being googled is a form of digital voting, and illustrates just how often someone is being sought out.

1. Dalai Lama 34. Marianne Williamson 67. Caroline Myss
2. Eckhart Tolle 35. Lisa Williams 68. Michael Newton
3. Thich Nhat Hanh 36. Francis Chan 69. Daisaku Ikeda
4. Deepak Chopra 37. Don Miguel Ruiz 70. Vadim Zeland
5. Paulo Coelho 38. Masaru Emoto 71. John Bradshaw
6. Elizabeth Gilbert 39. Gregg Braden 72. Richard Bandler
7. Iyanla Vanzant 40. Andrew Weil 73. Jean Houston
8. Ken Wilber 41. Erich von Däniken 74. Starhawk
9. James Redfield 42. Adyashanti 75. Daniel J. Siegel
10. Rhonda Byrne 43. Krishna Das 76. James Lovelock
11. Alice Walker 44. Sonia Choquette 77. Judy Hall
12. Nelson Mandela 45. Joseph Ratzinger 78. Gary Snyder
13. Dr Wayne W Dyer 46. Louise Hay 79. Patrick Holford
14. Doreen Virtue 47. Amma 80. Oberto Airaudi
15. Michio Kaku 48. Vladimir Megre 81. Dr Azmayesh
16. Oprah Winfrey 49. Ervin Laszlo 82. Mother Meera
17. Alejandro Jodorowsky 50. Elaine Pagels 83. Rabbi Michael Lerner
18. Mantak Chia 51. Jeff Foster 84. Lynne McTaggart
19. Desmond Tutu 52. Seyyed Hossein Nasr 85. Michael Beckwith
20. Alex Grey 53. Neale Donald Walsch 86. Satya Narayan Goenka
21. Peter Russell 54. Drunvalo Melchizedek 87. Satish Kumar
22. Byron Katie 55. Pema Chödrön 88. Paramahamsa Nithyananda
23. Ram Dass 56. Diana Cooper 89. Rowan Williams
24. Esther Hicks 57. Bruce Lipton 90. Prem Rawat
25. Bernie Siegel 58. Dan Millman 91. Mooji
26. Richard Bach 59. Karen Armstrong 92. Stanislav Grof
27. Brian Weiss 60. Graham Hancock 93. Grant Morrison
28. Andrew Cohen 61. David R. Hawkins 94. Jon Kabat-Zinn
29. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar 62. Jack Canfield 95. Dolores Cannon
30. Robin Sharma 63. Clarissa Pinkola Estés 96. Gangaji
31. Steve Taylor 64. Sogyal Rinpoche 97. Shakti Gawain
32. Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi 65. Swami Ramdev 98. Claudio Naranjo
33. Andrew Harvey 66. Philip Berg 99. Mastin Kipp
100. Marion Woodman

“The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you.”

~ John E. Southard


Stuff My Brain Thinks

I felt compelled to post this.  How can you argue with such beautiful words.

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lazy in the city

i have no complaints about the weather this winter – we’ve only had about 3 really cold days, but today it’s raining for the second day in a row.  actually, it’s not quite raining, it’s misting.  but that’s just as annoying.  it’s gray outside and you have to squint so that the mist cannot penetrate through your eyelashes. ivan and i did our usual loop around the block at around 7:00 this morning and now we’re both damp.  

upon return from our walk we both immediately headed back to the bed for a short snooze.  i couldn’t really fall asleep because i kept thinking about all of the people who were not only up, showered and dressed at this hour, but have also fed and dressed several kids and were already out the door, rushing to drop their children off at two different schools before arriving at their office for an 8 hour workday.  oy.  i can’t even imagine.  how do they do it?  especially in the rain . . .

i asked the question so naturally the universe wasted no time in providing me with the answer.  i got up from my warm albeit damp bed, which now smells like wet dog, and turned on the computer.  my home page lists links from several freshly pressed blogs for the day and the first to call out to me was a blog titled work-life-imbalance written by a 30-something working mother from washington, dc.  in her blog post she writes about how much she misses her baby who is cared for by family members, while she is at work from 9 to 5.  this is precisely why 9-5  jobs are so unappealing to me.  i could never leave ivan by himself all day long, and he’s not even a baby anymore.  he is 12 and 1/2  years old, which is approximately 87 in dog years.  i started getting anxious just reading her blog.  luckily she provides comic relief at the end of her post.

here is a must see, hysterical video which will no doubt crack you up  – especially if you don’t have any children of your own – watch this video!


“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”
– Dr. Seuss