my new favorite holiday!

these are my neighbors, dan & jayne.  dan & jayne live down at the end of the hall

with their two kids zen & coco.  (they have human kids too but when they left the nest, dan & jayne packed up, said goodbye to queens and headed into the city. from what i can tell, they’ve been having a blast ever since.

         this is  zen  chillin on the couch   &   this is coco just being coco-licious.

last night dan and jayne we’re on their way out with two other fun people when i captured this shot in the hallway while they waited for the elevator to arrive:

i only had a few seconds to grab my camera before the door to the elevator opened and they all rushed in as jayne  yelled, “we gotta go – we’re really late!”  “going where?” i asked, as the door was closing.  “purim . . . “

i ran into jayne, zen and coco this afternoon strolling along 52nd street.  i asked jayne about last night and she said it was great and made the decision to continue to celebrate purim for the next couple of days or so.   as she told me about  the purim party, she mentioned something about having to drink so much – “you know, until you can’t tell the difference” and waved her hand in an ‘on & on’ gesture.    hmmm . . .

i was not raised jewish, but i thought i knew more about judaism than the average bear (the average goyum bear, that is).  i went to a school that was predominately jewish (out of the 800 people in my freshman year dorm complex, 798 were jewish – dagmar stadlebauer and i were not.)  i spent nearly every  jewish holiday with my roomate’s family, throughout college and many years after.  i memorized the candle blessing prayer for hannukah and the mourners kadddish!  i still celebrate the jewish holidays.  i have spent many hannukahs, yom kippors and passovers with the enzers.  i’m not sure i even know anyone in the city who isn’t jewish.  sometimes i think  i’m practically jewish myself – how could i not know about purim?  i mean, i knew about purim, but i never knew anyone who actually celebrated it  and i had no idea it involved bride costumes and heavy drinking.

when i got home, i read everything i could find (that is a gross exaggeration)  on purim.  you can read about it here but the short version is this:

first you go to temple &  listen to the book of esther, which happens to be a very good as well as entertaining story,  you send food to people in need, give to charity, dress up in costume, eat a festive meal and drink plenty of alcohol.

how did this holiday get past me all of these years?

here’s the best part – according to the jewish virtual library, “We are also commanded to eat, drink and be merry. According to the Talmud, a person is required to drink until he cannot tell the difference between “cursed be Haman” and “blessed be Mordecai,” though opinions differ as to exactly how drunk that is.”

i have exactly one year to get my yiddish up to speed and lose enough weight to fit into a really hot costume so that i can be someone else for one night while drinking as much as i can so that i can no longer tell the difference between haman & mordecai – and i can’t wait.

“If you want your dreams to come true, don’t sleep.”
~ Yiddish Proverb

8 responses to “my new favorite holiday!

  1. THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I agree. That was awesome. Very nice post. I like the way you write. 🙂


  3. Thinking there is some license being taken with a hoiday that sounds partially like “pure”, but then again pure fun should be celebrated too! Cheers, I’m in. 😉 ~ Dan


  4. How timely is this blog? Well, I just happen to be researching Judaism – by attending a local synagogue and trying to learn to read Hebrew. So glad to find the tips about Purim which I will now celebrate with vigor! Thank you!


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