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i love warren buffet. i know that because every single thing he says or does makes me happy.  here he is at his annual shareholders meeting this year.  bill gates watches warren as he attempts to win the paper toss contest by relying on muscle memory from his days as a paper boy while the other kids his age were still sharpening their walking skills . . .  warren has generously offered this year’s winner of the paper toss contest a free dilly bar from dairy queen. 🙂

warren owns dairy queen.

“There has never been a day when I have not been proud of you, I said, though some days I’m louder about other stuff so it’s easy to miss that.”

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12 responses to “my love

  1. I’m not sure about Buffet. On the one hand he says rich people should pay more taxes, while on the other hand he’s in court fighting with the IRS about paying more taxes on his wealth. What’s wrong with that picture?


    • Hi, Ron –
      I think what Buffet would say is that his accountants do follow the law and yes, he takes the advantages afforded to large corporations. Clearly he would be silly not to take advantage of the laws that all large corps are benefiting from – it is those laws he would like to see changed so that things would be more fair for all. This very same thing happened to BH several years ago and the courts decided in Buffet’s favor – he broke no laws.
      Just my humble opinion – I do think he’s an old soul with a good heart and a wise mind.


      • I understand that Buffet, and many people with money, e.g. The Kennedys, Kerry, and all the super rich use the tax laws to their advantage. There are a lot of millionaires in the Senate and Congress. I don’t like it when politicians pick on their enemies about not paying enough taxes. They should be attacking the people who made the tax laws, not those who follow them. Frankly, I’m sick of the class warfare in this country. It turns me off.


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  3. Forgive me, I can’t tell if you’re joking or being serious! LOL


    • totally serious. he’s the richest guy in the world & believes the purpose of wealth is to help the people who do not have. he’s incredibly charitable, lives in the same house he bought when he got married – before he was rich, owns one old car and doesn’t take more than he needs. his billions are all set up in foundations to help people. i truly respect his wisdom. 🙂


      • Ohh, well I’d like to read what you’ve read. Honestly, I’ve seen terrible documentaries about this guy. Apparently he disowned his granddaughter because she said he is snobby and won’t share his riches. Dunno, it was done by one of the Johnson and Johnson kids.

        Everything I’ve read about him is negative. 😦

        Thank you for clarifying. I’ll have to dig for some positive articles.


      • I think his motives and actions are fine and well meaning in terms of helping those who need help. But I think he’s got a political angle in all this. I understand he has investments Brazil’s oil industry. I also read where our president gave Brazil billions toward their oil industry (while screwing over our oil producers keeping our gas prices high). See any connection there? Brazil makes money; Buffet makes money (billions). So he gives a million extra in taxes as a stunt, (while he’s fighting to pay less) to get billions in return on an investment. You have to follow the money when it comes to politics. There is a lot going on behind the scenes.


    • Please see my other comments.


      • I did and appreciate them. I will admit, though it makes me feel sad to do so: I don’t admire Warren Buffet. I agree, you have to follow a lot back (Brazil). I am not sure he’s kindhearted. I’ve watched documentaries that contain interviews with him and talk about being aggressive and mean. I felt bad for the interviewers. I agree he has a political angle, very much so. Just my opinion: if a person really wants to help people, they are probably not the world’s richest person. The two are virtually polar opposites. Thanks for replying to me. I am also sick of class warfare, it turns me off, too. I don’t know what to do about it, but people like Warren turn me off because they have the ability to help so much, but as you pointed out, they may “help” but money comes back to them in the end.


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