conversation with elvis

while walking through times square i spotted elvis in a coffee shop. he was just sitting at the counter by the window not drinking coffee.  after i walked by the window,  i realized this photo op is too good to pass up and so i turned around and went in.  here’s elvis:

and this was our conversation:

me: “hi, elvis”

elvis: “hi”

me: “can i take your picture?”

elvis: “sure”

(i seize photo op)

me: “do you work around here?”

elvis: “yes,  i’m working now”

me: “oh . . .  really?”

elvis: “yes.  i work for tips”

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”
 – Dr. Seuss

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7 responses to “conversation with elvis

  1. As always, Dr. Seuss never lies. That quote does not disappoint!! Great post, and great picture!


  2. That is one smart Elvis. He got you before you even entered the door.


  3. I saw “Elvis” on Fremont Street in Las Vegas and the King and all the other celebrity impersonators said the same thing. Free photo, but work on tips. Totally worth it! Now I want to go back to Vegas. I didn’t realize Presley was around Times Square, too!


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