the 1%

this is my dad.  he cracks me up.  mostly because he thinks he’s really funny and that makes me laugh.

this is his favorite picture:

seriously.  he loves this picture.  he sends it to me all the time – e-mail and regular mail.

dad is a ‘do everything right’ kind of guy.  everything has to be done the best way possible – never just good enough.  the car must be serviced at the dealer because they will use the most expensive best oil.  they will also inform him of any unecessary additional maintenance that may be required to keep the car running optimally.  it would be completely impossible for dad ever not put something away immediately, leave a light on, a door open or a dish in the sink. he couldn’t possibly walk by a small scrap of paper or lint on the floor without calling one of his children down from the third floor to  stopping to pick it up.

dad is one of the hardest workers i ever saw. when i was a little kid, i remember dad leaving for work all dressed up in his suit every morning – when he wasn’t off in some foreign land looking for water so that he could bid on a well to drill. mom stayed home to raise the kids so it was up to him to make all the money for everything including 4 college educations that he paid for 100%.  i always wondered why grown-ups would sometimes say, “what do you think money grows on trees?”  i always knew money didn’t grow on trees, that’s silly.  it grew in dad’s wallet.

now, except for church and some golfing in the summer time, he is still always working on something –  whether it’s researching information for one of his (grown adult) kids, reading an instruction manual for his juicer, camera, phone, ipad or anything nobody else bothers with,  cutting the grass, washing the dog, vacuuming out the inside of the dryer, building or refinishing furniture for someone, shining shoes or volunteering for the knights of columbus, he is always working on something.  here he is doing something crazy working on the lawn:

in the early days he wore a suit to the office everyday. now he wears stuff like this.  go figure.

dad is always 20 minutes early on time for everything – no matter what – and he gets stuff done. he makes lists and actually checks off the projects in order of completion. who does that??

in all these years, i’ve never known him to yell gossip, lie, cheat or steal in any way. if he was mistakenly undercharged for something in a store, he would immediately point it out to the clerk.  my mother even thinks he actually tries to pay more for stuff he could get cheaper.

dad loves his family more than anything in the world and there isn’t a thing he wouldn’t do for us. growing up, i thought that’s just how all dad’s were – but  now i know –  i’m the one percent – and so is my dad.

i love you, dad!!

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.”
– Jim Valvano

7 responses to “the 1%

  1. yup, he’s a good egg!


  2. Why wouldn’t it be his favorite photo. It’s you isn’t it? LOL


  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog and “liking” my post. I hope you enjoyed your visit enough to come again soon!


  4. And hahaha, it I didn’t know better I would think you were one of my kids describing their dad, except he isn’t retired yet, only turns lights off if I’m still in the room, waits until the kitchen is clean to set his stuff from the man cave in the sink. But sometimes he’ll clean bathrooms, bar-b-q a great dinner and clean up the kitchen. And he’s a great dad, think I’ll keep him. 😀


  5. I have nominated you for The Lovely Blog Award! It’s OK if you do not accept this award, but I nominated you because I really like you blog. Visit my recent post if you do decide to accept this award, and nominate 15 or so fellow bloggers!


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