celebrating BIG time!

it’s been raining pennies from heaven lately.  i will get another today, i’m sure of it.  today is pop’s 110th birthday.  if you know me – or, you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know i talk to pop all the time.  some may think it’s a bit weird since pop passed away (from earth) in 1996, but he talks to me everyday.  i didn’t even talk to him every day when he was living.  yes, i talk to dead people.

i’m not concerned if people believe me and yes, i know that many don’t –  & that’s cool –  but recently i was telling my friend jeff about pop and how he sends me old ‘wheat pennies’ whenever i ask. i call them “one-cent-pennies”.  like most, he was a bit suspicious about whether i was being entirely truthful, i could tell by his expression.  for some reason i really wanted him to understand that i do talk to pop – and pop always answers.   we were sitting in a dunkin donuts up on madison at 97th street when i decided to prove this to jeff.  i told jeff i would ask pop to send him some pennies. i generally only ask for one, but given that jeff looked to me like he suspected i may be on crack, i thought pop should send more than one ‘one-cent-penny’.  jeff told me he hadn’t found a ‘one-cent-penny’ in about 10 years.

later in the day jeff called to let me know he had found two ‘one-cent-pennies’ in his closet.  he was convinced i had planted them.  i reminded him that i had not been to his place since we had the conversation earlier in the day.  jeff also found one under his bed.  several days later he put on a pair of pants he had not worn since last summer and called to tell me that pop was in his pocket!  i think he got the message.

so today pop would have been 110.  i keep several pictures of pop around the apartment and wished them all a happy birthday.  i thanked him for the good work with my friend jeff and then asked him for a one-cent-penny today – just for kicks!

this is how i most remember pop:

and here he is celebrating his 90th birthday:

thanks for the memories and thanks for the pennies, pop!  i love you.

“The past is never dead, it is not even past.”
~William Faulkner

3 responses to “celebrating BIG time!

  1. My own father died young, many years ago. But I now understand that he is gone and not gone. Your touching post reminded me of this wisdom. Thank you.


  2. I talk to my relatives that have crossed over too, its okay, they hear us, great post, and happy birthday to pop


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