i want one!

how cool is this?  a giant post-it-note desk. 


i want the kind of brain that thinks this stuff up.

imaginary conversation:

stranger:  “what do you do for work?”

me:  “oh, nothing.  i invented the post-it-note desk. after that i retired & now i spend my time doing photography and philanthropy.

“You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.”
— Jack London

10 responses to “i want one!

  1. Me too. And a room to put it in.


  2. Too bad they couldn’t afford any other furniture. Maybe they’re waiting to pay off the post-it pad.


    • the reason they don’t have any more furniture is because they will be needing all available space for the post-it’s!


      • You’re right.I can see that now. An added plus is they don’t have to paint, buy wall paper, carpetng, or curtains. They can just use the post-it notes.


  3. I think I’m going to put a big sketch pad on my desk and create a facsimile of this brilliant artifact. Thanks for sharing.


  4. This is seriously a dream come true!


  5. How much are those refills?!?! ^_^


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