excuse me while i tend to something more important than you

because really, you’re just here for my entertainment during intervals when i am not texting someone who i would really rather be communicating with. 
i wonder how many people would have missed out on preventing an epic crisis because they were present with their smart phone rather than being with the person they were pretending to be with.  
have the number of emergencies increased so dramatically that a kid can’t wait until s/he gets home from school to discuss his / her day at the dinner table?  
have people become so co-dependent that they can’t make a decision or have a thought with out consulting someone first?
is anybody with me here???
“Any technique, however worthy and desirable, becomes a disease when the mind is obsessed with it.”
 ~ Bruce Lee


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19 responses to “excuse me while i tend to something more important than you

  1. We are living in insanity.


  2. We are being buried alive in technology. Soon we will not need ourselves anymore. Technology will take care of everything. We are slowly dismissing ourselves right out of our humanity. People cannot stop looking at the little box in their hand. They do not see the sky anymore.


  3. it is the fear of being alone that is making us absolutely alone…no face-to-face, no reading of body language, no looking into another person’s eyes, hearing the tone in their voice, the movement of their facial muscles or their hands…we are becoming profoundly isolated from one another and even from ourselves.


    • i agree and will add that always being ‘on call’ gives one a sense of self importance. people feel like they are very needed when they are always on the lookout for their ‘important calls & texts’.


  4. I am SO with you! This need for incessant contact drives me nuts. Fortunately my friends don’t keep their phones out when they’re with me and most won’t even answer while we’re talking because I would never hang out with someone who paid more attention to their phone than to me.


    • i have asked friends to be present with me when they’re with me but common responses often involve ‘the kids’ or, ‘1 work call i need to take’ or some kind of crisis that they seem to be waiting for. i also notice that even if they don’t actually read the texts or take the call, they always disrupt the moment by looking to see who it is. even if the phone is in their bag – the constant dinging tones . . . oy, i sound like a total kvetch!


  5. What I don’t understand is why someone, or anyone would rather send a “TEXT” than actually have a real conversation?? I am miffed about this maddening situation. My daughters do not even know “home telephone numbers” of their friends, ?? Hunh? Nope they only have cell numbers and all they do is text, text, TEXT. Unfortunately the good old days of going out to get some fresh air (as my mother often told me before she kicked me out to go and play with my friends, I think it was more her few hours of peace and quiet), are disappearing faster than the dinosaurs. It’s sad, without looking and talking to a friend how do you know what they really look like, or feel like when they are sad? Happy? Angry? You will never really know until you really look at someone, it’s not always in your words.


    • i agree – communication is not always in the words. . . and even when it is, the tone, inflection, speed, ect. . . are so important in knowing what is really meant by words. . .
      it will be interesting to see how people evolve over the next 10 – 20 years!


  6. What are the reasons that brought us to this pathetic state of things? This is the question…

    Why are we deliberately escaping our humanness? What is it that we are so ashamed of in order to deny ourlseves like that?


    • attention or, lack of it. . . we can be so caught up in our small world that the big picture is not recognized.
      thanks for the visit!


      • attention is interest – above all in ourselves – do you agree with that?
        it means that somehow we are not feeling worthy of oursleves and give life away to god knows what…
        what do u think?


  7. yes i agree. and i believe if full attention is on ones self, we understand how we are all connected and we would then automatically pay more attention to all people in our path.


  8. good- tks for that
    a good thought to you


  9. i think about this kind of stuff all the time.


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