r u kidding me?

the following comes straight from an article in today’s ny post.  the pink commentary is mine.

Mayor Bloomberg yesterday unveiled a “microunit” apartment that would make even hardened NewYorkers claustrophobic.  ok, i live in a room.  1 room.  with my dog.   ivan & i live in a studio apartment. my room is 600 square feet and it feels pretty small most of the time but you should know, my last  “1 bedroom” was even smaller – measuring in at almost 400 square feet.  i know what small is. 

Tiny homes like it — between 275 and 300 square feet, the size of some ATM vestibules in Times Square—will be built in Kips Bay. r u kidding me?

They are part of a pilot program to find housing for people who live alone or with only a partner. with a partner?  really? 

The spaces are small, but the prices aren’t. They’ll likely rent for less than the market rate, which is $2,000 per month, officials said.  that’s $2,000.00  –  a month.

“We want people to come here — to start out, start their careers here, start their families here — and if you don’t have the kind of housing that they need, they can’t do that,” Bloomberg said yesterday while standing amid a prototype of a micro-unit.  please note that mayor bloomberg lives alone in a 5 story town house on east 79th street.   mr. mayor, are you seriously asking couples to start a family in a 275 square foot home? 

The 10- by 30- foot apartments must each have windows and a kitchen area, a request for proposals released by the city specifies.

While some Manhattan renters said they were ready to sign on, others were revolted. consider me revolted.

The planned apartments — slightly larger than a dorm room and half the size of a subway car — are so small, they’re actually currently illegal (!), since the law requires new apartments to be 400 square feet or larger.  But Bloomberg said he’ll propose a change to that law.  full article

thank you, mr. mayor.   it’s good to see you working for the people.

ps:  i apologize for sounding harsh – it stems from fear of one day ending up in a microunit.

“Even in comedies, you’ve got to feel safe for things to just happen in a way that is natural and free, and recognizable as human.”
~ Richard Gere 



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35 responses to “r u kidding me?

  1. You crack me up.

    BTW, I don’t think 275 square feet counts as a “home” except in max security.


  2. $700 a month


  3. fiercebuddhist

    Next Soylent Green will be touted as a viable food choice.


  4. A 275 sq. ft. home sounds like a lot of intimacy. A couple will grow out of it in 9 months.


  5. It’s possible if the places are well-designed. Somehow I doubt that will be the case though.


  6. Sounds and looks like a tiny prison cell to me… AND you have to pay $2000 per month for your incarceration…. Silly indeed.
    But thank you for sharing it!


  7. I share your “revulsion.” The worst part is that these apartments will probably fly off the market. Housing woes make up the most significant part of the hate in my love/hate relationship with this city.


  8. wow my buddies research on apartments in new york must be way off. He was saying you could find a 4 bedroom loft for $2200?! They must of been in the boondocks… haha.

    I live in a space here in Cali for $750 a month, 2 bedroom, 1 and a half bath, and I think near 900 square feet.

    However I would like to live in New York some day once I can get a new free lancing career going to where I can work from home and travel anywhere. 🙂


  9. new york is amazing! but it would definitely be more amazing to find a 4 bedroom for $2,200! are you sure it wasn’t $22,000??


  10. I approve of innovative sustainablity solutions, but at $2000 per unit, they hardly meet that requirement! It will be interesting to see how these apartments actually function for anyone who purchases them.


  11. I read about this in the TImes, too. The biggest problem I can see is that, while it is possible to design a good living space that small, they can’t put “good design” in the code. So the code will be changed based on what *could* be done, but then developers can build whatever they want as long as it meets code, ie, size. It’s a giant giveaway to developers who can raise the cost per square foot without doing anything else.


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  13. I’m just a guy with a limerick reply…

    Old Bloom is now pushing a room,
    So small that it brings me to gloom,
    It’s micro in size,
    Not much for sore eyes,
    To some it will seem like a tomb.

    Compliments of Humorous Interludes


    • you crack me up, ron. do you make yourself laugh all day long?


      • Thanks. I try to laugh as much as possible. It’s supposed to increase those endorphins which are good for the body. I don’t go around laughing all day. I tried that once, and wound up in the military. I laughed with them for twenty years. I don’t find myself laughing at my writings much. Just once in a while. I’m glad that some people like what I write and/or say when I’m with others. I’ve been writing humor for many years now. I guess I’m getting used to myself when it comes to humor. At the moment I am writing, producing, and editing a humorous video for my nephew. It’s for his 16th birthday next year. I’ve laughed over some bits which I will include. Oh, I also like to watch funny movies. Sorry for the long response.


  14. And here I thought my college 500 sq ft. apartment in Florida was a hole in the wall! A dorm room actually might as well be an upgrade to that, as at least they have community rooms that add some additional space hah.
    The proposal to change the regulated square footage for an apartment is almost inhumane, especially for the exorbitant rent they will charge. :/


  15. My husband and I are currently paying $650 for 900sq ft… And we’re getting ready to move. We outgrew it.

    Wow.. Ridiculous move Bloomberg.


  16. My husband and I live in an RV that is 300 square feet and I love it. I have to be well organized and have only what I need, nothing extra. I feel so in control.


  17. The ‘tiny house’ movement is really big here with a whole subdivision going in. Of course, I do live in Portland, Oregon though…


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