is this a real job?

i found this on craigslist today.  i can’t help but to wonder if this isn’t just a really good tactic to get free labor.  .  .  .

Cigar Roller Wanted

Date: 2012-07-27, 10:46PM EDT

Cigar Roller to work for Cigar Shop in Hoboken, NJ
roll cigars for events and for shop sales. Call for an appointment
201-736-5370 be prepared to roll 5 cigars.
if they can get 25 cigar rolling hopefuls just to interview for the position, that’s 125 free rolled cigars.   i may employ this tactic myself and run an ad for a housekeeper.  this is good news!
“I tell stories for very good reasons, she said, but I’m not going to tell you what they are or you’d start reading too much into them.”
 ~ storypeople

11 responses to “is this a real job?

  1. You have lived in NYC too long. Cynacism becomes natural. Maybe someone is starting a cigar business in Hoboken. Naw – – – on second thought I think you have it right. Wally


  2. Cigar roller is a real job. It is big in the cuban area of Florida. I saw them at work on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx when I was there Last year. So why not Hobken? How else do you think they make those expensive “hand rolled” cigars the rich guys on wall street smoke?


  3. This is a competitive job in some parts of Florida where there is knowledge and appreciation of Cuban cigars … I can’t explain the Jersey connection, though. You’re on your own.


  4. I watched a lot of cigar rollers in the Cuban section of Tampa Bay, They were pretty amazing. The legend is that the best cigars are rolled on the thighs of virgins. Might be hard to find a cigar rolling virgin in NY.


  5. How much are they paying and does it include health insurance? One moe thing will they pay moving costs? Maybe I am asking for too much!


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