missing rubies

against my better judgement i went to the whole foods on 57th street off 2nd ave.   whole foods is not a place one should go without plenty of money to spend . . . but i went.   i just needed some milk and a ruby-red grapefruit, and good ruby-red grapefruits are hard to come by.   most of the time when i get home with a ruby-red grapefruit i’m stoked if it’s even dark pink.  i figured if anyone had good ruby-red grapefruits, it would be whole paycheck foods and i was willing walk 5 blocks &  pay $2.19 because i really wanted a perfect, juicy, dark- ruby-red grapefruit. 

here it is:

welcome to my world. . .  

may tomorrow be a better day.

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”
 Martin Luther King, Jr.

14 responses to “missing rubies

  1. Laurie I will send to you for Christmas some of the best tasting grapefruit. A business in Fort Myers,Fl called Sun Harvest has the best fruit and if it doesn’t meet your satisfaction I can return it.


  2. My favorite time of year is when the Texas rubies are at peak of their season….one of the best tastes on earth in my humble opinion…Guess we’ll just have to dream for awhile.


  3. I had one once..when I lived in California…..over six years ago…


  4. Thanx for visiting my site, subbed you!


  5. robertnathan

    A good grapefruit quest is always worthwhile… Cool blog. Thanks for liking mine 🙂


  6. dearest zen city

    the disappointment was palpable in your prose.

    wishing you perfect ruby-red-grapefruits in your future.

    waving across town.

    _teamgloria x


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