dizzy in the city

being sick in the city is never fun,  (this previous post explains it clearly) but for the last 3 days,  i’ve been dizzy.  being dizzy in the city is never fun either, but it is definitely worse to be dizzy when the general assembly is in session at the united nations.   although 1st avenue is closed to traffic most of the time, the cars, trucks, suv’s, fire engines, motorcycles, ambulances and hazmat vehicles are all equipped with ear piercing sirens.

(obama’s brigade)



why they feel the need to use the sirens when there is no other traffic and i am trying to be zen in the city,  is a mystery.   when there isn’t a dignitary and his / her entourage passing by with  sirens blaring,  you can clearly hear the sound from the helicopters that are swarming the city.  and even above the helicopters, i hear people protesting.

i totally respect their right to peacefully protest and i’m sure they don’t know how dizzy i am feeling and, i bet they are all very nice people who would tone it down a bit if they only knew –  but i cannot walk the 5 blocks down there right now & explain the whole thing to them.  i should have said something yesterday when i took the picture but i was pretty sure i would be feeling all better by today. . .

i like these people’s method of protest much better:

the falun gong people are very quiet protesters.  i have to admire their tenacity and patience to sit all day in silence with the all the screaming going on down there at the UN.

ivan doesn’t seem to be bothered by any of it. of course he’s presumably not dizzy – but  i think i’ll join him for a nap anyway.

“To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind.”
 ~ Buddha

6 responses to “dizzy in the city

  1. Feel undizzy soon. No fun being dizzy anywhere.


  2. There is a great exercise to fix dizziness, have you tried it? You lay on your bed on your back, your head hangs down off the bed and slowly ever so slowly you rotate your head back and forth from right to left. It feels odd at first but it works. I was so dizzy I had to have help to get to the Dr. and this is the remedy they gave me, no medicine or anything. You keep doing it every few hours and I was so much better. Hope this helps or you are over it already!!


  3. Deeply concerned about your dizziness was wondering if you have high blood pressure? Are you experiencing any ringing in your ears or trouble seeing? It is not my intention to frighten you but dizziness can be a harbinger of a medical problem.If your problem persists please see your physician.Signed worried about you in Texas!


    • awwww. . . no, i don’t have high blood pressure or ringing, dr. ward. my mom asked the same thing! 🙂
      so far this morning i’m not dizzy so i’m hoping it was just some weird thing that landed on me & left!


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