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whoa nelly!

thankfully, sandy was much kinder to east midtown than it was to the chelsea area. this apartment building in chelsea lost it’s entire facade.  can you imagine, you’re cuddled up under the covers with a good book and maybe a really good looking man, when all of the sudden the entire outside world can see you as you fly out of bed and scramble around  in a mad rush to find your robe?   oy.





here on east 52nd street, there was not much to report and we are all extremely grateful. here is an update on the view from my window looking up first avenue:

an enormous tree branch fell in front of my friend tracey’s building, but more interesting was the way her building staff saved their awning:

the folks across the street from me would have benefited from the ingenuity of the staff over at tracey’s.


the mission to thailand which is directly across the street didn’t think to take their flags in before the hurricane.  several people in my building sat in the lobby for a good part of the night and witnessed the flags get shredded by the wind. 

although i missed the water actually come over the barrier right onto the fdr drive, here is what the roadway looked like this morning:


the city felt so strange today – as if everything was off somehow.   most businesses remained closed since public transportation is still shut down and few people went to work. the streets were jam packed with people, which is unusual for mid-day on a tuesday, and all of the restaurants which opened for business were quite crowded.  i suppose people needed to get out  after 24 hours confined indoors. skies remain thick with gray clouds.

around 2:00 this afternoon the cars on first ave began honking their horns.  it sounded like they were all honking so i took a look out the window:


it was the army and folks were beeping to show their appreciation.   nice.

i end this post by thanking god for keeping my entire family and all of my friends safe.  i would also like to ask everyone who reads this to say a prayer for the people who were killed or injured, for the 111 people who lost their homes in the fire in breezy point, those who lost their businesses or homes in the floods and also for all the heroes who provided service to people in need during the storm.


It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”
 ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

4:00 update

as promised, here we are at 4:00 with an update!  the hurricane was supposed to be here now but as you can see from the photo taken from my window, not much  has changed.  the wind has picked up a bit &  traffic is non-existent.  it’s quite nice not to hear horns blowing incessantly. . .  always a silver lining!

 back at 10:00 pm with another update – please stay tuned!


“A lonesome man on a rainy day who does not know how to read.”
   Benjamin Franklin 

nothing yet . . .

as you can see, not much has changed since my 8:00 am post although it’s a little windy and rain is falling very lightly.  here is first ave in midtown at 1:30 today.

last i heard, 4:00 is the magic hour for the real deal. i’ll be back at 4:00 – stay tuned!


“An intense anticipation itself transforms possibility into reality; our desires being often but precursors of the things which we are capable of performing.”
 ~ Samuel Smiles

halloween costume best!

i am really hoping that hurricane sandy doesn’t wash out halloween this year.  i have been waiting for weeks to snap my own photos of this year’s sure to be most popular costume.


“Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson

frankenstorm update for nyc!

6:00 am – city remains cloudy. very cloudy – but i am not afraid of the clouds and the meteorologists cannot scare me.

here is a live update of 1st avenue in midtown (8:00 am). 

i will keep you posted.



“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. “
 ~ Anais Nin 

reporting the facts

“3 Days of Hell”

reads the headline in the ny post this morning . . . .  hmmmm.  can this be considered reporting the news?  because i think it’s more like just making things up for an exciting story that has not and may not happen.    the following was reported all in one article this morning:

“Frankenstorm is roaring our way”
“a nor’easter on steroids”
“We are looking at it as a historic storm that will cause catastrophic damage over a large area.”

“Gov. Cuomo yesterday declared a statewide state of emergency.”

“complete shutdown of subways, buses and trains”

“Con Ed and other power companies in the Northeast are preparing for widespread electricity outages that emergency-management officials fear could stretch past Election Day on Nov. 6.”

” it will bring a “huge disaster” ”

. . .  and, oh by the way . . . 

“If Long Island is the target, the storm will hit later and probably have less of an impact on the five boroughs.”

stay tuned and i will let you know if it rains!


“How often misused words generate misleading thoughts.”
~ Herbert Spencer

east 52nd street reality show

2 months after i moved into my first doorman building, the doormen went on strike.  along with the strike came no more ups deliveries (or any other union organization services like verizon, garbage pickup, con-edison) broken laundry machines,   foul odors from rotting garbage, rodents and many other inconvenient features i could easily have in a much lower rent, non-doorman building.    

a temporary staff of inexperienced people willing to work for minimum wages was put in place for the last 18 months.  the application process consisted of responding to an ad on craigslist and telling the owner of the staffing company what the name on the weekly paycheck should be.  it should be noted that the owner of the staffing company, modern staffing and security, has a criminal record for indecent exposure, writing worthless checks, theft of state funds, lewd & lascivious behavior as well as a long list of liens and judgments against him)  yes, he would be in charge of staffing the building with people who have complete access to our building as well as the resident’s keys.  most residents claimed their spare keys quickly and many others simply moved out.  to add levity to a disastrous situation, the east 52nd street reality show was born.  
all of the stories are true.

[Note to reader: Building Residents are referred to as Resident Cast Members or, RCM’s,  William Koeppel is the devious owner of the building and James Rexroat is the owner of Modern Staffing & Security, the company in charge of the replacement staff]

The Ultimate in a Full Service Building!

Here at East 52nd Street all of the cast & crew have been given the opportunity to pay exorbitant rents in exchange for services that truly go above and beyond other doorman buildings in midtown.   For instance, the doorman will graciously give your key to anyone, just for the asking. Where else can one get that kind of service? Only at 350!

[scene: Early on a Saturday morning,  Resident Cast Member X (RCM-X) sits with his coffee and his thoughts in the privacy of his own living room at 350 East 52nd Street. To the shock and surprise of RCM-X, the door to his apartment opens and in walks a complete stranger.  Scene begins with RCM-X flying off couch in surprise as steaming hot coffee spills onto couch, carpet and self]

RCM-X:  OMG! Jesus Christ!  Who are you??? What are you doing in my apartment?

Stranger:  I don’t know.

RCM-X:  Get the [bleep!] out of my home –


Stranger scurries back into hallway.  

After calming heart palpitations and icing burns on body, RCM-X storms down to lobby where he finds new weekend doorman who appears to be about 17 years old.   RCM-X asks the child “manning” the lobby how the [bleep!] someone had the key to RCM – X’s [bleeping] apartment and what the [bleep] was going on?  The door-child was pretty close to a complete loss for words and then offered the following explanation:  They asked me for the keys.

RCM-X:  So you just gave them my keys?

Door-Child:  Yes.

RCM-X:   What he [bleep] is wrong with you?

About this time RCM-L returns from morning walk with dog and enters lobby of 350.

RCM-X says to RCM-L,  This guy just gave my keys to a complete stranger who just walked into my apartment!  What should I do?

RCM-L:  Someone just walked in on you in your apartment?  Did you call the police?  I would call the police.

RCM-X  turns to door-child and demands he find the stranger –  ”NOW!” and stranger is summoned to lobby for questioning.  Door-child begins shaking and tells self how sorry he is. He becomes wrought with fear over the possibility of losing his job after only 3 weekends on duty. Both Resident Cast Members take a few seconds to contemplate the moment.  Suddenly, the intruding stranger emerges from elevator bank and rounds the corner into the lobby to answer to RCM-X.

RCM-X: How did you get the keys to my apartment?  Who are you?

Stranger:  I asked the doorman for them. I hope I didn’t  get him in trouble – this was a mistake.

RCM-X:  Who are you???

Stranger:  Charlene.

RCM-X:  Why did you have the keys to my apartment?  Do you live here? Do you know anyone who lives in this building? Have you ever been to this building before?  Do you know the doorman?  How did you even get in the building?

Charlene explains to the irate RCM that she did not live in the building, had never been to the building before, did not know the door-child, had come to clean an apartment on the 2nd floor and apparently there had been a mistake at the “office”, as they had instructed her to go to apartment 12-X rather than 2-X.

RCM-X  asked Charlene the name of her cleaning company to which Charlene replied,  Well it’s really just me and my husband. We advertise our cleaning services on Craigslist and someone from this building called. When my husband got the call, he must have wrote [sic] down the wrong apartment number.

RCM-X:  So you don’t know the person who called you, you have never been to 350 East 52nd Street before, you ran an ad on Craigslist and the doorman just handed you my keys?

Charlene:  Yes, I hope I didn’t get him in trouble.

Modern Staffing employees, who are only required to write their first and last name on a post it and have no proper training, do not warrant their ability to provide the tenants with a safe and secure environment, commiserate with the advertised “Luxury Living” standard. Tenants shall look solely to Modern Staffing and William Koeppel who shall remain liable for the personal safety as well as any and all incidental, consequential or special damages arising out of their failure to provide “Luxury Living” standards tenants were promised.

Note from the Sponsor: We have advised both Modern Staffing and William Koeppell on several occasions of the vast array of problems (see past episodes-especially ARREST) and they have steadfastly refused to conduct basic background checks, train the new staff, or responds to any of our complaints.

more of my favorite episodes can be found here, here, here & here.

obstacles and all,  i remain eternally committed to being zen in the city. 

“Chaos is inherent in all compounded things. Strive on with diligence.”
 ~ Buddha 


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union square wildlife

so i’m cruising around union square the other day looking for some photo ops, and this gorilla walks by.

the end.

“Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies.”
 ~ Nora Ephron