do not think

without giving it too much thought, would you tell me something?


in the comment box, just tell me what comes to your mind – don’t even think abut what to say – just write something.

this is an experiment and i’ll tell you about it later in the week.

(if you prefer not to comment on the blog, feel free to e-mail me directly at

thank you!


37 responses to “do not think

  1. The sun streams through the window. Blessed, blessed, blessed.



  2. When going through he’ll keep going.

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  3. Peter Lucarelli

    Somebody asked me yesterday how I was doing and my answer was
    I woke up this morning so I am way ahead.


  4. Trying to activate my AVS For You software subscription, having difficulties.


  5. I wonder what the server who knows my drink order – Sunkist orange – thinks when she smiles at me..


  6. I am thinking about how I can’t remember what I was thinking about a minute ago, and really wish I could so that I could write that down on here. Oh I just remembered, I wish I could eat normally and not seclusively in my room, with no one around. I wish that I could sleep without Unisom because it makes me drowsy. I am thinking about how I can’t decide whether or not to tell you that I plan on killing myself within the next year, as soon as I have enough pills saved up. You most likely now think that I am some crazy, mentally ill, depressing person who dresses in all black and cuts herself but in reality, I am a very girly, and outwardly upbeat person who seems to totally have it all together from the outside, but as you have been told from the outside it is a very different story. I can’t believe I’m telling you all of this, all you wanted me to do was to write out what I was thinking about and I definitely took it overboard. But I guess you asking this, in a way just made me feel like you are accepting of all different people with all different kinds of struggles. I don’t know how to end this so I’ll just say thanks for allowing me to rant. This was pretty therapeutic actually.


    • thank you.
      i don’t think you are crazy – i think you’re most likely wonderful.


    • This comment gave me the strongest sense of deja vu! I had to look at the date to see if I’d accidentally stumbled on an older post or something. Anyhow, keep ranting, Anonymous. There’s no crime in feeling whatever you feel, and do understand there are always people, often the people you least suspect, who will gladly help you in any way they can.


  7. It’s raining so I’m checking email and reading the blogs I follow. It’s been productive, so far a funny story to chase off the clouds and a recipe for gluten-free carrot cake cupcakes. This day is getting better.


  8. It’s 3 in the afternoon on a sunny day and I’m still in my pajamas. I wish I were still asleep so I wouldn’t have to face what I ought to be doing. But I’m not depressed. I just want to be free.


  9. Not thinking is impossible, bot to think outside of your emotional being and your past experiences is difficult and the source of most suffering in the world. Moreover, thinking you know a truth is delusional. Thinking you know another’s deepest thoughts equally delusional. What to do, breathe calm, act as kindly as possible, do not stay silent when cruelty surfaces around you.


  10. When things get weird the weird get professional


  11. I think America is in deep trouble…


  12. We are. not a political party we are first and foremost. Americans who need to help our fellow countrymen who are suffering!


  13. one wonders how the concept of time was brought into being. Yes I know time exists, but is it something that should run and dictate our lives? So many miss out on their entire lives because they are constantly watching the clock. Trying to get in as much work as possible. Leaving family time, play time and relaxation for the small shreds of time left over. Our lives pass us by and we are not even aware , one day looking up as we remove our noses from the grindstone. Only to find that our youth has dissipated while we were otherwise engaged in the rat race our lives have become.
    I was originally simply going to post the thought that we do not have enough time to accomplish all we must do in one given day. Then it dawned on me that is how we live our lives. Never enough time, always rushing and trying to squeeze in as much as we can . However, it is never fun , and laughs or relaxation that we try to squeeze in . But rather more work, more responsibilities. Why do we do this to ourselves?


  14. Well, here’s some words, accumulating in a box as I write without thinking too much. I guess when I click “Post Comment,” the words won’t be in a box anymore. And they won’t be my words; they’ll belong to the interwebs. But the net has so many words. It maybe already has ALL the words. So . . . sorry internet, for, you know, contributing to the clutter.


  15. My first comment got erased. Suicide. My rare and untreatable illnesses are embezzling life right out from under me; the fatigue I feel as I erode; no memory of good days past – just chronic pain for 4 months. So maybe not suicide but homocide – murdering this shell I’ve become.


  16. Russell Bradley

    I step aside and there at my feet I find the doubt that has so often been transmitted, fallen to the floor, nowhere but nowhere will this doubt reconnect, it just sits like a bunch of useless rags. Its heavy burden now mingling with the sand.


      • Russell Bradley

        Good post, I remote view the same way ,what ever comes in on the spot there and then with out thought. lets one know where one is. thank you.
        One hundred thousand billion blessings to the troubled soul above,
        the world is bent on self destruction and so are most of the people in it. just see it and know that you want no part of it , for yourself or the world, reject it. detach your self from what makes your mind restless renounce all that disturbs its peace


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