is it just me?

have you ever spent a large amount of your precious time creating the perfect playlist for your ipod, painstakingly going through thousands of songs in your database until you knew it was just such a cool mix that you couldn’t wait to take a long run (or drive) so that you could listen to it?

i’ll assume you answered yes to that question – but what about this one?
have you ever gone for a long run or drive with your new and most excellent playlist, ready to rock it to your hand picked most favorite music of all time? 
you hit the play button, begin your journey and decide that although you do love the first song, it’s just not the one you want to hear right this second.  you hit the forward button and skip to the next of the top 50 songs you’ve included in your awesome playlist.  about 30 seconds into the song you say to yourself, this is one of my favorite songs, but i’m not exactly feeling it at this moment.  you know the playlist is jammed with the best of the best, so you hit the forward button again with a knowing that the next song is the one that will raise you up and make you want to sing at the top of your lungs (especially fun when driving).

the third song begins and you think it must be a mistake. you couldn’t have meant to add this song to this playlist because it’s just ok, but definitely not one of your top 100.  fast forward one more time.  you love the next song. your back on track – until the following song begins and you are not particularly in the mood for it even though you clearly recall re-discovering it in your music cache and yelling out loud to your self, i forgot all about this song! i love this song!! this song definitely belongs in my new most excellent song playlist!

does anyone else have this problem?

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” 
 ~ Robert Frost 


6 responses to “is it just me?

  1. Absolutely! Not with an iPod, but the same with a CD or just on the radio. So weird isn’t it? Our mind is set into a different ‘frame’ as the days go by it seems.


  2. happens all the time :D, although I dont really have many playlists per say but I use itunes and use the star rating system so I play by that.

    But the music that is the greatest at the time depends on mood.


  3. I think each week I have a new favourite song of all time.


  4. I think my playlist would be rejected by any self- respecting iPod. ” Puff the Magic Dragon” is just an example. Very funny post!


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