fun times

it’s been a long time since i’ve truly had any fun. i’ve been blaming it on my financial situation, among some other things going on in my life over the last couple of years  . . .  but then i got this e-mail today and i realized that it has all been my own doing.   i wasted all this time when i could have been whooping it up as good as the rest of them!  here is the e-mail:



oy! ↓


22 responses to “fun times

  1. Daniel Geller

    Very heartfelt and honest. Have fun.


    Keller Williams NYC
    425 Park Avenue
    New York, NY 10022
    212.838.3700 (0)
    917.733.5587 (m)



  2. These scenes play everywhere! Everyday! I fear for the generations to come. Hell, I fear for the current generation. We took nine year old grandson to Hawaii…. I had to take away his iPod/iPhone so he would actually see the beauty all around him.


  3. The irony is, most people will probably read this on their phone :).


  4. I was thinking of committing a day each week where I use no gadgets. I’m going to make this happen.


  5. I see joggers texting on the run as they cross in front of traffic…awfully tempting!


  6. None of this was going on in my early years, and Albert is right.


  7. parentsfriend

    Thank you for this as I used it as the basis of my blog playing off the Einstein post. I love my internet connectedness. It has made my retirement years full. It is only a tool but like any tool can be missed used. Thank you again.


  8. This is so funny! Watch for this continuity in movies.
    It’s not believable to watch a movie now if half the people in any scene are not talking or texting on their phones!


    • i hadn’t thought of that! i will make a point of noticing. does not noticing make me not zen? i suppose movies are meant to take you out of the present but now that i’ve realized, i will work on my present moment awareness too. two more things to add to my ‘to do’ list . . .


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  10. Thanks for the inspiration Zen. This ones for you.


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  12. Einstein was right.


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